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Providing 24x7 global protection

Financial crimes are becoming more complex by the day. While regulatory norms governed by technological advancement have helped banks and financial institutions safeguard against rising risk, an increase in dynamic workforces, AI-based digital intervention and tightening governance have forced service providers to create new operating models.

Our Financial Crime Prevention (FCP) practice —comprised of certified experts who leverage deep knowledge domain expertise and experience in the end-to-end processes they support —provides HCLTech customers with 24x7 global coverage and protection. Applying industry best practices to our efficient operational framework, we help financial institutions transform their operating models to improve business outputs and streamline internal processes while reducing cost outlays and mitigating the risk of financial crimes.

Who We Are

Reestablishing our commitment

We are a confluence of certified and experienced domain experts with the vision is to drive efficient operations through digital transformation, risk mitigation and accelerated AI-based development.

600+ consulting, MLRO and AML experts

600+ consultants and MLRO/AML experts

Expertise in leading tools and systems on financial crime prevention

Expertise in leading tools and systems for financial crime prevention

Global footprint covering UK, EMEA, US and APAC

Global footprint covering US, UK, EMEA and APAC

Coverage of leading global and local FCP regulations

Coverage of leading global and local FCP regulations

Our levers

Empowering businesses with our core levers

Our value propositions
  • Tailored engagements to suit unique business needs
  • Holistic global compliance solutions through collaborative partnerships
  • Unified workbench and case management that powers KYC/AML with AI/ML
  • Implementation of gold standard CoE to achieve excellence in compliance management
Our solutions
Our solutions
  • Real-time AML Data for monitoring and generating insights on customers (sanctions, PEP, watch lists, and adverse media)
  • Access to over 170+ extensive libraries of primary and accessible global databases
  • AML solution that offers a robust and comprehensive cross-jurisdictional capability
  • Orchestration of end-to-end screening and risk assessment through automated processes and alerts
  • Entity resolution and network analytics to accelerate remediation of siloed customer data
  • Digital identity verification
  • Realtime payment/transaction screening (SWIFT, SEPA) and integration with various payment systems and upgrades

Accelerating professional growth
through Center of Excellence Academy

To arm our experts with the latest know-how on financial crime risks and create domain specialists, we have created our inhouse Center of Excellence Academy, one of the industry's deepest learning and training platforms.

Four levels of robust training are offered:

  • Induction training for new joiners
  • Specialist training for experienced candidates
  • Advanced training for subject matter experts and managerial-level candidates
  • Cross-training/Upskilling to ensure fungibility and flexibility

Value We Deliver

Cost and resource efficiency

Cost efficiency

Proactive compliance measures

Compliance measures

Streamlined operations


Expertise-led execution


Customer Stories

Our Insights

Let’s connect to supercharge your enterprise compliance
Let’s connect to supercharge your enterprise compliance1

Let’s connect to supercharge your enterprise compliance

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