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Supercharging Progress, Responsibly

At HCLTech, we bring together the best of technology and our people to supercharge progress responsibly for all. We deeply understand the challenges facing the world, and with our unique knowledge, we can make change happen. We believe in protecting the environment while leaving nobody behind. We know that impact comes from within.

Our people instigate real change through partnerships on the ground and employee volunteerism. In each country we operate in, one to three HCLTech employee(s) act as representatives for their local office — duties include recruiting, organizing and reporting. Our employees give back to their communities every quarter through both skills-based and traditional opportunities.

Chilhood Care and Education- HCLTech Supercharging progress, responsibly

What We Do

Anchored by our HCLFoundation in India, we aim to create more equitable and sustainable communities where we operate. Our Foundation is our source code — the codified, structured, scalable blueprint — for socioeconomic and environmental development. Our 450-strong team is breaking the cycle of poverty and regenerating local environments. We transform lives and spread smiles.

Beyond India, we empower our people around the globe to deliver social impact and support the most vulnerable by focusing on the building blocks that nourish society. Our activities focus on the environment, education and health and well-being. We are building the HCLTech Grant in the Americas region to support non-governmental organizations involved in climate action.


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Our Activity

Impact Stories

Impact Stories: Anne-Sophie Graczyk 1
Impact Stories:Anne-Sophie Graczyk 1
Impact Stories:Anne-Sophie Graczyk 2

Our journey with Apprentis d'Auteuil in France continues to make a difference! For over three years, we've been committed to training and developing young minds with essential coding skills, paving the way for a successful future in the world of technology.

Anne-Sophie Graczyk Head of Marketing, Middle East
Impact Stories:Kritika Singh 1
Impact Stories:Kritika Singh 2
Impact Stories:Kritika Singh 3

For a decade, HCLTech's partnership with The Prince's Trust has been a beacon of hope. Empowering young adults with technical skills and creating a brighter future together.

Kritika Singh Head of Sustainability & CSR Marketing, Europe
Impact Stories:Nikolay Ivanov 1
Nikolay Ivanov 1
Impact Stories:Nikolay Ivanov 2

In Bulgaria, HCLTech’s CSR tree planting initiative united us in a purpose-driven journey. Empowered by the company's vision, each sapling we nurtured symbolized our commitment to a greener, more compassionate future. Together, we've left an indelible mark, fostering a sustainable world for generations to come.

Nikolay Ivanov HCLTech Bulgaria
Impact Stories:Jet Swain 1
Impact Stories:Jet Swain 2
Impact Stories:Jet Swain 3

To make the change, we’ve got to be brave enough to go past that conversation and take sustainable, strategic and meaningful action to advance reconciliation.

Jet Swain Executive Design Director
Impact Stories:Carol Criner 1
Impact Stories:Carol Criner 2
Impact Stories:Carol Criner 3

Food security and nutrition are a prerequisite to almost everything. Students, families, communities and economies become stronger as hunger is alleviated.

Carol Criner Vice President, Strategic Accounts

Our Councils Around the World

CSR Councils are voluntary country-based networks of HCLTech employees dedicated to making a positive impact. Operating in 25 countries, council members help maintain accountability for HCLTech leadership and our CSR efforts. In addition, members play an integral role in our collective efforts by sharing knowledge of their local communities’ needs, identifying nonprofits and motivating employees to engage.


Camilo Louvise

Head of Enterprise
End-user Services & Experience

Camilo Louvise


Stefania Sulzbach

Chief Operating Officer - Digital
Member of the Board of

Stefania Sulzbach

South Africa

Christina Herden

Sustainability Director

Christina Herden