Annual Report

Client Perspectives

“HCL’s creative thinking and strong consultancy capabilities, aligned with their technical skills, allowed us to quickly pilot various technologies for our transformational risk program. Their “art of the possible” approach and user research capabilities helped break through roadblocks from start to finish. Their connection to Google has been another plus. We are excited to collaborate with HCL as a digital partner in the future”

“HCL’s mission has been to engineer a digital ecosystem of products and services to enhance the experience of Cricket Australia’s fans and participants. They began engineering our new platform in the lead-up to our 2019/2020 season. Despite the disruption of the global pandemic, we completed our first major migration before the 2020/21 season – and began to see the benefits almost immediately. Our platforms scaled seamlessly to support unprecedented demand from over 20m fans. HCL’s dedication, engineering capabilities, and flexibility have been critical to our providing world-class experiences for cricket’s fans and participants”

"Microsoft Devices is committed to making products that people love empowering them through technology to be creative, productive and connect with others wherever they work or learn. With our ever-increasing product portfolio, we need partners who can enable us to scale and deliver world-class products for our customers. HCL continues to be one of our preferred Engineering Services partners. HCL consistently provides global product development at scale enhancing our agility, innovation, and time to market”

“HCL brings deep engineering expertise with its modern, microservices-driven, cloud-native platform to help us build future Digital Guest Experiences at Ulta Beauty. Their partnership helps Ulta Beauty increase its agility, drive next generation guest experiences and continue leading the industry”

“HCL’s customer-centric approach and strong engineering capabilities have helped strengthen our relationship with them. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they helped us manage complex transitions across our virtual IT environment while ensuring minimal disruption. We see a synergy between the two companies, one that relies on effective collaboration and strong leadership commitments.”

“It was important for Fonterra to partner with an organization who could strengthen our critical IT foundations and our technology stack. The stability, reliability and security of our operations is absolutely critical. HCL was able to successfully transition a very broad scope of services from the incumbents at go-live without any disruption to our business. This was a great result under normal circumstances, but to do this during the COVID-19 lockdown was even more impressive.”

“HCL shares our vision of saving and improving lives by providing leading digital solutions for tomorrow. HCL’s commitment and deep IT and digital expertise have been key in our journey towards a successful technology- enabled enterprise. Our engagement with HCL for over 15 years is a collaborative relationship that has resulted in excellent business outcomes for both companies.”

“Migrating our infrastructure and business-critical applications is of strategic importance to UD Trucks in our accelerated digitalization journey. HCL’s deep understanding of our existing IT footprint, combined with its leading-edge transformation capabilities, made it the standout choice. We have full confidence that HCL will help us build a world-class IT environment to enable us to go the extra mile for our employees and customers.”

“We needed to break away from the historic IT organization we’d inherited, and HCL was the perfect strategic partner to help us create a next-generation operating model. We were particularly impressed by HCL’s ability to create high quality and end user-focused solutions for our employees and offer an end-to-end model to ensure seamless execution. HCL’s track record for bringing a culture of innovation to service delivery ensures that we will enjoy the long-term and sustainable benefits of digitalization.”

“Coles, as one of the largest retailers in Asia-Pacific, is undergoing one of the largest digital transformation programs for any Australian enterprise. Throughout this journey, Coles is pleased to be able to draw on HCL’s scale, capability and efficiency. Additionally, this partnership enables us to improve our customer experience and strengthen our critical IT foundations. Together we are well poised to create seamless, unified experiences that allow our customers to engage with us through the method that works best for them. At the core of all this is HCL’s transparency, flexibility, and commitment to Coles in such highly dynamic times.”

“The evolution of our shared services represents our culture of continuous improvement and allows us to more efficiently address customer needs while delivering significant cost savings to reinvest in the business. We selected HCL as our partner for this strategic initiative due to our successful track record together thus far and our shared values.”

“As a global leader in pioneering technologies and bringing clinical and workflow excellence to labs of all sizes, our legacy of delivering transformative innovation to our customers, combined with HCL’s Engineering and R&D Services capabilities, have forged an extended partnership. Working with HCL helps expedite key strategic programs and our digitalization journey, helping us enhance our agility and product life cycle management. We are #InThisTogether.”

“Our long-standing partnership with HCL has matured greatly over the years. They understand our business challenges and the different phases of our IT strategy as we scale up our transformation initiatives to deliver top-notch digital experiences to our customers. We are proud to recognize HCL as Partner of the Year, for the collaborative spirit, passion and synergy that they bring to our relationship”

“TracFone is pleased to partner with HCL for its CX transformation journey. This partnership is leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud, resulting in improved speed-to-market and NPS scores, among other benefits”

“I have professionally used the tool for close to 2 years and have found it robust and highly customizable. It has the capability of publishing products through a management center which I found very handy and can be used by any one even if he/she has a lesser experience about the suite. The database is customizable too and with the help of that you can extend the suite to any height. Overall, I find the whole suite great for any commercial purpose”

“Looking forward to a continued partnership with HCL which will help us re-imagine and expand our commitment in marketplace and strengthening our leadership in testing business”

“This software allows me to target the new market and provides me full information about it and even allows me to customize the experience that is possible through its API system. HCL has really helped me in handling the digital commerce which does not require any technicality. It has enabled me to integrate with my other online channels so that from one platform I can run my business from all aspects like marketing, promotions, selling, personalization etc.”

“The best thing about HCL Commerce is that it is cloud based, so the console can be accessed on a variety of devices and systems.”

“HCL BigFix enabled an effective work from home workplace.”