Annual Report

Empathy +

Empathy, compassion and speed helped us respond to COVID-19 in an effective manner.


Employees working remotely


Innovators participated in #CodeforCovid19 Hackathon


Global COVID-19 helpline for employees and their families

Our approach, while driven by empathy and compassion was focused on ensuring that all our stakeholders could remain resilient during the crisis.

COVID-19 presented us with a global humanitarian crisis demanding we secure employees, minimize client impact, maintain business continuity and provide support to the communities we serve.

Our response began with making external experts available to the Executive Crisis Management team led by the CEO, CHRO and CRO. We also joined hands with local governments, providing IT support to strengthen their response, and making oxygen concentrators/plants available to different Indian state governments. Most importantly, HCL has put in place an 100 Crores program to have employees and their families vaccinated for free in the safety of our offices.

Some of the notable measures include:

The new workplace: From the early enablement of Work from Home we have moved to a hybrid model with a resilient supply chain of facilities operations, transport services, etc., in place.

Employee well-being: A 24/7 helpline, medical consultation, health insurance and mental health counseling programs are available.

Covenger Buddy program: A volunteering program that encourages employees to support impacted co-workers.

Buddies for essential services: Our employee network arranged medicines, food, oxygen, home-care services, ambulance, etc., through tie-ups with providers.

Technology support: A range of technological interventions accelerated our response:

  • Contact tracing app
  • MobioSafe app
  • Chatbot for query management on the intranet
  • Safety Check Tool to show containment zone, testing centers and hospitals
  • Better Health Hackathon with 7,500+ innovators from 50+ nations and 1,000+ organizations

Resilience for a Better Future

The capacity to face any crisis is rooted in resilience. We worked tirelessly through the year to enable our employees, our clients and the communities we serve remain resilient during this challenging time.


HCL employees “very satisfied” with COVID-19 response


Of clients rated our COVID-19 response as “very effective” or “effective”


HCL acted with a decisive global response plan at the earliest stages of the outbreak in January 2020 focused on employee safety and well-being, minimizing client impacts and supporting local communities.


Through an established Business Continuity and Crisis Management Program, we quickly mobilized remote working for 150,000 of our employees. To make them comfortable with their new work conditions, we deployed our already-established IT capacity for our Work from Home (WFH) program at scale, along with on-demand employee support.

As part of the same program, we created a robust company-wide supply chain for critical services including technology, security, people, facility operations and transportation services, and invested in additional infrastructure to roll this out worldwide.


Online Cybersecurity/Digital Workplace training modules were set up. A 24/7 global helpline provided free healthcare services to employees and their families. A bespoke plan, #TakeCareHCL, reinforced our commitment to our employees and clients. An internal COVID-19 microsite was developed in record time to keep employees engaged and informed of our pandemic response. Predictive analytics on the impact of COVID-19 through our “Virtual Situation Room” helped leaders make real-time decisions. HCL also deployed apps SARAS (Self Assessment Risk Analytics System) and Mobile Safe for employees to assess their health and COVID-19 risk status on demand 24/7.


Our pandemic management across our global offices set an industry benchmark. From entry into offices using a mobile app and temperature checks at entry and exit, to sanitizing workstations for employees who visited offices on a needs-basis, we spared no effort to ensure employee safety. We provided personal protective equipment (PPE) kits, masks and gloves to employees free of cost. And to ensure social distancing by employees, clients, associates and guests, we blocked off alternate seats in offices, visiting areas, washrooms and cafeterias.

Empathy and Collaboration

Maintaining exemplary workforce morale has been our goal during the pandemic. COVID-19 meant employees were multi-tasking at home, sharing limited living spaces with family as they worked, and many had to deal with their children’s education from home.

Global Banking and Financial Services Organization

Within the first week of the COVID-19 pandemic, the client was faced with a huge and urgent challenge of ensuring a 100 percent secure WFH setup for their employees. HCL successfully managed the situation while maintaining business continuity. Teams were equipped with client-specific IT assets, upgraded bandwidth, ergonomically designed WFH furniture and power backup in a matter of days. The globally renowned “Protek” certification was also secured. Continuous support was provided to the client’s team to ensure compliance with organizational and government guidelines. A Virtual Induction Kit was quickly launched to bring new hires up to speed with the client’s renewed business needs and technology landscape.


Global Provider of Professional Information, Software Solutions and Services

The client, based in New York City in the U.S, provides services related to healthcare, legal, business, tax, accounting, finance, audit, risk and compliance. They were severely impacted when coronavirus cases in New York increased. Their healthcare services were adversely impacted as forced lockdowns limited their access to niche skills. HCL assisted the client by conceptualizing, creating and launching an online platform to provide information to their B2B clients in the areas of clinical decision support, nursing education, nursing practice solutions, medical research, nursing and allied health journal and book publishing solutions, and continuous medical education. HCL brought to bear its best-in-class capabilities and execution prowess to enable timely business continuity for the client.

Fortune 100 Financial Services Organization

In January 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, HCL and the client swiftly created a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for a 100 percent WFH setup in compliance with the client’s security protocols across all delivery locations. HCL equipped teams with consistent communication and virtual support for smooth operations. Agile teams pivoted to virtual daily huddles, town halls, employee engagement sessions, Toastmaster workshops and virtual festival celebrations to maintain the morale of the team.

Multinational Gaming Company

The client experienced a sharp pandemic-induced decline in revenues. Their systems were not ready to work through the lockdowns. HCL quickly updated their systems for remote processes and successfully restored operational normalcy. With 40+ emergency releases in a week, 400+ employees began working from home in a secure and agile manner. HCL has also established 24/7 support for the client’s ongoing operations.

Large Auto Lending Company

The project team proactively planned for potential COVID-19 impact by upskilling and cross skilling their resources from different tracks on related technologies. When approximately 15 percent of the staff was impacted over a six-to-eight week timeframe and one specific track had 40 percent of its staff affected by COVID-19, the pre-planning efforts enabled the team to bridge the gaps with zero SLA (service level agreement) breaches. Team members stepped up for one another, providing moral support and optimism as colleagues dealt with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Client Perspective

“HCL have been an important partner in AIB’s technology response to the Covid pandemic, ensuring continued delivery of key services to the AIB workforce. HCL played a pivotal role in the enablement of remote working and collaboration capabilities.”

Graham Fagan
Graham Fagan
Director of Enterprise
Technology and
Cloud Engineering,
Allied Irish Bank

“HCL are always open for exploring new ways of working and help us accelerate our own transformation. During the pandemic especially, HCL demonstrated strong partnership and stepped up to support on unexpected challenges.”

Nicholas Asplund
Nicholas Asplund
Head of Digital
Strategy & Architecture,
Volvo Cars


HCL significantly ramped up its community efforts to mitigate the humanitarian crisis resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. All HCL entities worked with urgency, moving swiftly across geographies to reach the most at-risk populations.


Frontline workers trained in COVID-19 protocols


PPE kits provided


Farmers received production and marketing support


Hot meals supplied in Noida and Chennai


Webinars to share COVID-19 information with communities

Ensuring and securing livelihoods

The COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on the economy, directly affecting the livelihood of millions of workers. We helped farmers, artisans, migrant laborers, women self-help groups (SHGs) and micro-entrepreneurs, with critical investments like seed capital, skill development and training, market support networks and technical support. These interventions had a direct impact on 45,000+ farmers, 1,000+ artisans and animal shelters empowering families and enabling resilient communities.


Supporting government action across India, HCL established and scaled innovative digital solutions, setting up integrated control centers and helplines. Through our wide network of NGO partners, we reached out to vulnerable communities, ensuring access to relevant information and essentials such as food, dry rations, masks and sanitizers. Partnering with hospitals, we supported the upgrade of facilities and building of infrastructure, bringing the best possible medical care to disadvantaged populations.

Committed to collaborating with stakeholders across the spectrum, our endeavors scaled wide and drilled deep.


  • HCL U.S.A joined hands with Feeding America to raise awareness and funding for food-insecure households, and supported the Gates Foundation COVID-19 relief fund to help countries and organizations take rapid action and fill resource gaps. We collaborated with the CDC Foundation to fight COVID-19, and partnered with the University of California, Berkeley, to build a health technology collaborative laboratory for timely access to telemedicine and telesurgery
  • HCL Canada supported the UNICEF SMILE 2020 campaign to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by providing critical hygiene and medical supplies to front-line healthcare workers and vulnerable communities, supporting children and pregnant and lactating women, providing psychological support to children and families, and leading public health education and outreach
  • HCL Brazil drove a donation program for face shield production by Tecnosinos and Unisinos and promoted employee donation campaigns for socially vulnerable victims of COVID-19


  • HCL Australia partnered with the McGrath Foundation to raise over $3M in funds for 22 McGrath breast care nurses who will support almost 2,200 breast cancer patients and their families in 2021, easing the healthcare impact of COVID-19 on communities


  • The Bulgaria research team executed a project with a global pharmaceutical company on vaccine development and data tracking
  • Employees in France provided food, medicine, and essentials to students stranded in France due to the lockdown, brought joy by distributing gifts and toys to children fighting serious illnesses in Lyon, and joined hands to fund raise for food for the needy
  • The Germany team provided underprivileged children, whose families had been affected by the pandemic, with Christmas gifts
  • HCL Italy implemented a digital dashboard to track COVID-19 status in Italy
  • HCL Lithuania partnered with local child support and health support NGOs to provide equipment for remote learning for students, provided frontline workers with essential equipment, and delivered training and soft skills webinars
  • HCL Poland drove multiple initiatives including blood donation campaigns, collected Christmas goods for hospitalized and isolated COVID-19 cases, and provided fruit deliveries to hospital inpatients
  • HCL Portugal provided equipment to enable remote learning for students, created and shared a video to motivate and inspire lonely elderly people, and shared their appreciation with a hospital for their heroic life-saving efforts
  • HCL Romania employees collected plastic caps for recycling to raise money for COVID-19 impact relief, gathered donations to provide warm meals for people, assisted children and schools with online learning, and led a “Letters to Santa” program to send gifts (including food and clothes) to children in need at Christmas
  • HCL Sweden launched an initiative to buy Christmas gifts for children in local families, ensuring that 40 families, including 84 children, received brand new Christmas gifts
  • HCL Netherlands volunteered with the Red Cross and the Voedselbank food bank in various municipalities to ease the impact of COVID-19 upon the communities
  • HCL U.K raised funds for child health, education, hunger relief, and the protection of children

Caring for animals

Mobile healthcare unit

Training front-line workers

Yoga session for HCL
Netherlands employees

Elderly care


The HCL global community has consistently demonstrated essential human qualities such as resilience and empathy to support our communities and clients. Here we feature some stories that stand as testimony to the #OneHCL spirit.

Ensuring access to food and essentials

Lydia Herrera

“People are coming out stronger as communities, as we are all in this together.”

Lydia shops for and delivers groceries to the vulnerable people in her neighborhood.

Ramesh Sethuraman

“At HCL we don’t just stand for ourselves as individuals. We stand together as OneHCL for our community and our world.”

Ramesh helps the underprivileged in his neighborhood, and feeds street dogs and cats that have lost their main food source during the COVID-19 pandemic as walkers are confined to their homes.

Hemant Kumar Thakur

“HCL is about togetherness and brotherhood, stepping up for those who are in need.”

Hemant worked with a local restaurant to provide 3,000 meal packets a day to feed out-of-work, underprivileged families during the lockdown, and tirelessly works virtually to provide information to those in need of critical support.

Brijesh Choudhary

“At HCL we have a sense of togetherness and strive towards the betterment of our communities by helping those around us.”

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Brijesh used the kitchen of a closed restaurant to prepare and distribute food to people who were migrating out of his city due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, serving 450 to 500 meals every day for two months.

Supporting NGOs

Karin Fofonca

“There are no geographical limits to helping others and making the world a better place for all.”

Karin focuses selflessly on giving back to communities, with campaigns for food aid, driving donations for the purchase of respirators and with projects in Africa.

Sara Jarpenberg

“Everyone cannot do everything, but everyone can do something.”

Sara volunteers with Giving People, an organization that provides basic necessities for underprivileged children in Sweden. COVID-19 has pushed the number of children in need to beyond 200,000, with families’ economic situations spiraling out of control.

Securing much needed medical equipment

Rajarathinam Lakshmanan
United Kingdom

“By helping others, we help ourselves.”

In India’s second wave catastrophe, Rajarathinam led his team to raise funds and volunteer through online channels, coordinating with people in India to provide vital medical support.

Sridhar Munirajulu

“Human life is more valuable than anything else in the world, and I want to save human life with humanity.”

During the second wave in India, the demand for oxygen supplies quickly increased. Sridhar donated his CRED points to cover 20,000 liters of oxygen and inspired others to support the cause.

Other individual stories

Rebecca Bauer

“We are all interconnected and many of us together can make a difference.”

Rebecca delivered iPads to children with disabilities to give them access to remote learning and performs grocery shopping for elderly neighbors.

Aneta Dziedzic

“We underestimate the power we have to turn ourselves towards others and act.”

As the HCL Poland CSR Council Lead, Aneta inspired her fellow teammates to work with her to serve those impacted by COVID-19 through several community efforts.

Nitin Srivastava

“At HCL I have learned to be more compassionate towards others and strive for a better tomorrow.”

Nitin engaged friends and the Indian Embassy to care for Indian students who were stranded by the COVID-19 pandemic in Lyon, with limited access to crucial support.

Deepak A

“Be a light of hope for others and do your best.”

When Deepak checked on a colleague who was on leave, he found that the entire family had COVID-19. Deepak went into action and leveraged all resources to help them get medical care, including opening his own home so the son of his colleague could be near his hospitalized father.


HCL employees showed great commitment and drive in ensuring that our clients received all the support they needed during the COVID-19 pandemic to overcome the challenges they were facing.

Imdad Hussain

“At HCL, we are spread across geographies, but we are united by our networking.”

When the Nagpur facility suddenly shut down due to COVID-19, Imdad quickly arranged and delivered equipment to his team so they could work remotely.

Ravindran O

“HCL provides an element of togetherness, a very important ingredient that is helping us get through this pandemic situation.”

When COVID-19 shut down command center facilities, Ravindran prepared his associates to work remotely to maintain 100 percent support for clients.

Ponjayalakshmi Ramachandran

“Helping others makes us all stronger.”

When a leading Indian insurance company with more than 1,800 offices was hit by the sudden COVID-19 lockdown, they could not handle physical payment collections. Ponjayalakshmi and Kartheek implemented vital digital payment functionality within 10 days to ensure their client’s success.

K. Kartheek

“Contributing to client success is essential to our mutual success.”

When a leading Indian insurance company with more than 1,800 offices was hit by the sudden COVID-19 lockdown, they could not handle physical payment collections. Ponjayalakshmi and Kartheek implemented vital digital payment functionality within 10 days to ensure their client’s success.