What our clients say

For more than 20 years, HCL has continued to be a strong contributor to IGT’s success. We are really excited to continue working with HCL on transformation and innovation activities such as cloud, data modernization, cryptocurrency, cashless gaming, and many other forward-looking programs. Working with HCL not only means that you have a provider of services, but you have a true relationship and a trusted partnership.

Rachel Barbara

SVP & CTO, International Game Technology PLC

The partnership we have with HCL will allow us to rapidly move forward and evolve the way we manage and deliver services to both our internal and external customers.

Fausto Sosa

Vice President of Information Technology of CEMEX

The relationship with HCL is at several layers. First of all, we look for good-quality people. Recently we talked about how HCL can help us in our Cloud journey – not just in terms of people, but also technology, transformation, inspiration, guidance, architecture, etc.

Jasper Buschgens

Senior Capability Manager, Aegon, Netherlands

HCL is helping us in application support areas across the globe on a number of programs. HCL has been at the forefront to showcase solutions for cloud migration, modernization of legacy systems to the cloud, and AI ML-based solutions to help Maximus. The biggest strength of HCL is its global presence and innovation…

Rajesh Zade

SVP and Head of Global Outsourcing, Maximus Inc

We had several workflows and management processes that were built over the years to run on Vector on premises. We were able to bring all operations into Actian Avalanche on the Google Cloud Platform, and they pretty much worked out of the box, so that’s been extremely successful.

Andrew White

Executive Vice President of Solution Engineering, PredictX

The Intel ecosystem unit at HCL will help accelerate digital transformation and adoption of such technologies while developing a technology roadmap for our customers on cloud, end-user computing, network and edge, and AI. Our strategic partnership with HCL is a step further in building focused, innovative and industry-tailored solutions for our customers.

Santhosh Viswanathan

Managing Director of Sales, Marketing & Communications Group, Intel India

HCL’s dedicated Cisco Ecosystem Unit, launched in September 2021, is focused on creating joint solutions to support our common end customers in their digital transformation journey. Together through this unit, we have strategically aligned and invested in developing cloud native and managed services, and are delivering those offers to mutual customers in highly regulated industries and other emerging markets.

Nick Holden

Vice President, Global Strategic Partner Sales at Cisco Systems

HCL’s commitment to building a relationship that goes deeper than the contract is very impressive and has given us the type of flexibility that has been critical to supporting the changing needs of our workforce during the pandemic. Over the last two years, HCL has helped us create a globally consistent support structure for our workforce.

Stewart Fry

Senior Vice President, Digital Enterprise & Operations, British Petroleum.

Through our partnership with HCL Technologies, Syneos will aspire to be a transformational force in the healthcare industry, delivering smarter, innovative digital solutions that power a healthier future for patients worldwide

Manish Gupta

Executive Director, Cloud Operations (ESST-IT), Syneos Health

Having a partner in a fast-changing environment who keeps their promises even though there’s major disruption is super valuable, and HCL always stood up to their promises and played a major role for us.

Dr. Victoria Ossadnik

COO, Digital and Member of the Board of Management of E.ON

By leveraging the strength and capabilities of HCL and Microsoft, WCH will be empowering health care organizations to apply our Veteran & Military Population Health care methodologies and knowledge to their active Population Health programs and Health Equity initiatives – immediately.

Ron Steptoe

CEO and Co-Founder, Warrior Centric Health

Actian and Looker integrate seamlessly and deliver real-time insights with great speed and performance. We’re able to make informed, risk-balanced decisions very quickly…

August Ludwigs

Pricing Analyst, The AA

Our technology and solutions combined with the depth and breadth of HCL’s services, provides unique value to our customers. Add to that our combined industry expertise, we’re well positioned to ensure our customers have the IT strategy and solutions to address their needs today and in the future.

Denise Millard

Senior Vice President, Global Alliances, Dell Technologies

Our partnership with HCL helps enterprises develop solutions to accelerate digital transformation and drive business value. Clients in regulated industries, such as telecommunications, are using IBM’s open hybrid cloud platform supported by our combined technical experience to modernize their operations.

Inhi Cho Suh

General Manager, Strategic Partnerships, IBM