Roshni Nadar Malhotra


Dear Shareholder,

Even as the world continued to evolve and shift in the wake of COVID-19, I am proud of HCL Technologies’ commitment to both our people and our clients in another year of unpredictability — and another year of acting responsibly, and going above and beyond.

As we emerge from this once-in-a-century pandemic, we are navigating a phase of global supply chain disruptions, geopolitical conflicts and deglobalization. Within some of these trends, are several opportunities, especially in digital, cloud, and engineering as technology becomes an essential part of our lives and a force for good.

At HCL, we have continued to learn, build and grow efficiently while constantly expanding our client base and growing our share of wallet. With the depth and breadth of our portfolio, our strategy of establishing nearshore presence, and deep relationships with our clients, we remain well positioned to leverage these emerging opportunities.

When I look back on FY 2022, I'm particularly proud of the work we did to bolster our commitment to Sustainability and CSR. While our Board of Directors made solid progress with its Diversity, Inclusion and ESG subcommittee work, we embraced a new overarching Sustainability strategy built around the tenets of Act-Pact-Impact.

  • Act - We understand that impact starts with us. We act in the most responsible and sustainable manner. We ensure we use every resource efficiently to maximize value.
  • Pact - Our relationships go beyond a formal contract with our stakeholders. We are working for a sustainable future, in collaboration with our clients, partners, communities and all stakeholders.
  • Impact - We focus on creating sustainable impact through all our initiatives and activities.

We have engaged with various stakeholders and using a risk and responsibility lens, identified 12 material ESG topics that have become our core focus. We also made the important commitment of greenhouse gas emission reduction, and we’re strengthening our data and reporting initiatives on this.

HCL Foundation, through which we have invested more than ₹900 crores to date in social development efforts, continues to lead the way for serving communities throughout India with interventions across education, health, water, sanitation and hygiene, skill development and livelihoods, environment, and disaster risk reduction, response and management. HCL is serving local communities in global locations where we are present, through direct interventions and partnerships. I am pleased to share that in recognition of these efforts, we were named Corporate Citizen of the Year 2021 by The Economic Times.

Ethical and sustainable business practices are of paramount importance to us and are embedded into everything we do at HCL Technologies. We recognize the impact that a business like ours can deliver in elevating communities globally, and we continue to improve our efforts and take decisive actions that benefit people and planet.

I would like to thank and express my humble gratitude to our shareholders for always believing in us. Together, we shall continue to drive our growth strategy and build on the achievements of FY2022.

Roshni Nadar Malhotra