HCL Technologies Annual Report 2022-23
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Our approach to AI and GenAI is driven by an engineering and innovation spirit. Our efforts are focused on harnessing its power to bring exponential innovation to our products, solutions and services. Our philosophy encompasses consulting, creating, embedding and integrating AI within silicon to infrastructure, applications, data and business processes.

With our engineering heritage, we’ve been involved in co-creating the AI technology stack for the last two decades. We’ve deployed at scale AI ops in our operations and engineering business for over a decade and have created those IPs to fuel the Intelligent Automation, which is the DRYiCE product line in HCLSoftware.

Our Solutions

AI Ecosystem
We continue to create partnerships and alliances on AI and GenAI to strengthen our offerings. We are infusing GenAI capabilities into our products and services using our enterprise-grade orchestration and prompt engineering platform. These products are creating GenAI capabilities with ecosystem partners including hyperscalers and industry leaders.

Applications, Data and Analytics
We build, test and scale intelligent enterprise-wide systems while helping to mitigate privacy and ethicsrelated challenges with governance that is lean, differential and AI-enabled. We apply the latest AI and ML technologies to improve your products, services and operations while enabling experimentation to discover new sources of value and deliver advanced insights to your decision-makers.

Systems and Product Engineering
We are developing and delivering AI-enabled systems and product engineering offerings spanning Computer Vision and NLP, GenAI, MLOps and trustworthy AI. We are driving innovation and accelerating project delivery for our customers with dedicated GenAI Labs equipped with DGX supercomputers and Nvidia JetsonTx2/Javier.

Infrastructure and Operations
We are delivering core infrastructure, intelligent operations and digital services to help businesses adopt AI and GenAI technologies including AI-enabled search, retrieval of critical data, knowledge summary, content translation and low-code platforms that enable enterprises to build GenAI applications without coding experience

HCLSoftware Products
HCLSoftware, an independent software products division of HCLTech, is at the forefront of infusing and embedding AI and GenAI capabilities into its software products to deliver superior value to its customers across business cloud, hybrid data cloud, AppDev/compose cloud and intelligent automation cloud. HCLSoftware is also creating XaaS Solutions powered by GenAI to provide alternate outcome-based consumption models for customers and ecosystem business partners.