HCL Technologies Annual Report 2022-23

CloudSMART is HCLTech’s cloud strategy that drives digital transformation and continuous modernization for businesses worldwide. It offers a suite of solutions that accelerate innovation and business transformation, simplifying operations in a hybrid, multicloud environment.

As a resilient and sustainable platform, CloudSMART embraces agility and automation, optimizing human resources and providing holistic management across diverse cloud constructs and technology choices. This consulting-led approach leverages our robust partner ecosystem, utilizing the CloudSMART Industry Cloud to address specific challenges faced by global clients. With CloudSMART, we empower organizations to harness the full potential of cloud technology as a business platform, delivering tangible benefits and driving growth.


CloudSMART positions us as the ideal partner for business transformation as we foster a cloud culture within organizations and collaborate with system integrators to leverage the full potential of cloud technologies. Our clients are transitioning from basic cloud usage to complex business cases that require organizational transformation. Businesses can achieve remarkable advancements by harnessing the power of cloud innovations such as AI/ML, IoT, 5G and quantum computing. To achieve this transformation, organizations need a strong cloud culture and strategic partnerships with skilled system integrators with the requisite skills, experience and relationships.

CloudSMART allows our clients to:

  • Drive continuous modernization within their organizations by optimizing the cloud as a business platform to accelerate innovation and growth at scale
  • Implement transformative business decisions that lead to the evolution of an organization’s business model
  • Modernize assets, create new capabilities for the business, attain speed to market and future-proof the business
  • Drive workforce transformation by changing the way people work with new operating models, new processes and new technologies

CloudSMART harnesses the power of the cloud to help businesses:

  • Achieve sustainable business advantages with a cloudnative approach
  • Touch applications only once using agile methods for a sustainable transformation
  • Continuously modernize and enable sustainable growth.
  • Drive change management within organizations

Core Capabilities


CloudSMART accelerates clients’ business transformation with solutions that enable continuous modernization, allowing organizations to embrace innovation.

Leveraging its deep technology engineering experience, HCLTech CloudSMART allows clients to adopt an evolving technology landscape, helping them harness transformational technologies such as AI, machine learning, 5G, IoT, quantum computing and others.


Cloud strategy is based on an approach to cloud adoption that considers each client’s unique business objectives and pace of transformation.

It helps clients leverage cloud as an outcomebased business platform that provides a foundation for future growth. This approach is rooted in an understanding that each business moves at its own pace. We help clients harness the cloud to foster innovation.


CloudSMART leverages an extensive partner ecosystem to achieve breakthrough innovative solutions to fuel client growth.

It is technology and vendor holistic. We combine operational excellence and deep engineering and industry experience with the powerful capabilities of HCLTech’s ecosystem partners.


CloudSMART embraces product-centric culture and a cloud operating model as a strategic differentiator within organizations.

It supports the re-skilling and up-skilling of workforces, enabling businesses to build an adaptive and resilient workplace through digital workplace management services.

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