HCL Technologies Annual Report 2022-23
Supercharging Progress for our People

Unlocking People Potential

Our 225,000+ people are our biggest strength and help us create differentiation in the market through their passion and commitment. We are focused on being an employer of choice for the best talent and providing them with great, inclusive workplace experiences and opportunities to learn and grow.

HCLTech’s Employee Value Proposition: Find Your Spark

We are a leading global technology company, yet we remain rooted in the startup mindset that propelled us to success. Our unwavering commitment to ideas and innovation have been the driving force behind our exciting growth journey. We firmly believe that every remarkable achievement begins with a single spark of inspiration.

We strive to help our people find their spark to realize their full potential and discover fulfilling careers. We recognize that by prioritizing our people’s well-being, we enable them to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Pillars of Find your Spark:

  • Embracing next-gen work environment and culture
  • Creating enriching job experiences
  • Delivering employment our people can trust in
  • Elevating employee experience: inspiring DEI, driving CSR and championing ESG engagement








Women employees

Rated Top Employer

in 25 countries; ranked No. 1 in 18 countries

Pillars of Find Your Spark

Embracing Next-Gen Work Environment and Culture

Gen Z Focus

Learning opportunities at all levels

Hybrid operating model

Flexibility to pivot industry or role when ready

Creating Enriching Job Experiences

We provide industry leading work assignment, often the first-of-its-kind with the world’s best brands

We democratize learning by moving from role-based to skill-based learning

Focus on next-gen capabilities

We offer learning opportunities across the full spectrum of digital, engineering, cloud and AI

Delivering Employment that Fuels Confidence

Global scale you can rely on

Fast-growing large tech company

Expansion to New Vistas and nearshore regions

Frequently recognized as Top Employer

Providing Exciting Employee Experience: Inspiring DEI, Driving CSR and Championing ESG Engagement

Global culture

Ideapreneurship— the ingrained belief that anyone, no matter at what level, can give, execute and scale ‘value-creating’ ideas

Diverse and inclusive work environment with industry-leading DEI programs

Recognition programs to keep the employee spark alive

Immense focus on ESG/CSR to weave in employee’s worklife integration

Embracing Next-Gen Work Environment and Culture

We understand the unique needs of the Gen Z workforce and have tailored our approach to provide an environment where they can thrive and grow.

Through our TechBee program, we engage with the next generation early and provide them with core technology skills on the job and a platform to continue with their education, in the process we gain valuable insights to transform our policies, practices and programs to cater to their expectations.

The Apprenticeship program in the areas of business analysis, new-age technologies, finance, HR, marketing and project management for high school graduates has been recognized as a ground-breaking initiative by leading analyst firm Technology Business Research (TBR).

HCLTech’s people-centric culture fosters productivity and performance in hybrid work environments. We actively listen to our employees through benchmarked surveys and sentiment analysis.

As part of our commitment to inclusivity and flexibility, we provide a work environment and benefits that accommodate every individual’s needs. This approach empowers our people to work on their terms while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

We believe in nurturing talent, embracing emerging work trends and creating a culture that enables every individual to excel and succeed. By fostering a next-gen work environment, we ensure that our people have the opportunities and support they need to thrive in their careers.

Employee Perspectives

Coming out of the university and joining a corporate job can sometimes be a little anxiety-inducing when you are not sure how your theoretical knowledge will be tested in applied aspects. But HCLTech was there the whole way, ensuring that I was ready and able to perform well at my position, providing one-on-one mentorship in my role and making sure that I understand the technology stacks that I am getting my hands on. It allows me to feel confident in the work I am doing.”

John Stegmaier
Junior Software Developer, HCLTech Canada

TechBee has been a life-changing opportunity for me. This program helped me start my career and brought a positive outlook to my life. The exposure I gained working on global projects has enhanced my skills and knowledge and will serve me well in future.”

Lakshmi Mantri
TechBee Scholar, Andhra Pradesh, HCLTech India

Creating Enriching Job Experiences

We believe that empowering our people with the right skills and experiences is essential for their professional fulfillment and our collective success. Our clients are accelerating the adoption of disruptive and nextgen technologies. To stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technology landscape, we are embracing skill-based talent management and democratizing access to knowledge.

Moving away from role-based learning, we focus on developing next-gen capabilities and talent across a wide spectrum of digital, engineering, cloud and AI technologies. Our learning frameworks embrace the latest technological advancements, from GenAI to ESG-driven technology solutions and 5G/6G applications.

By aligning our recruitment, recognition, progression, reward, learning, performance and staffing processes with skills, we ensure that our workforce is equipped to meet the dynamic demands of our clients. This shift to skill-based learning has also positively impacted internal fulfillment and talent mobility. Over 15% of the demand for key skills is now fulfilled through upskilling .

We are also working to gamify the learning process that will start with employee self-enrollment based on their interest and subsequent deployment in their chosen area. This is another way of giving choice and control to our employees for their upskilling.

Leader Speak

The Gen Z talent characteristics have driven changes to two important parts of our approach to talent management—and to our culture overall—in the last several months. First, we’ve redefined skilling as interests led by employee aspirations rather than business or customer requirements. Second, we’ve created a rules-based internal talent marketplace, where employees get to choose their next role and the type of projects they want to work on, based on their overall career progression and ambition.”

Ramachandran Sundararajan

Chief People Officer, HCLTech (In a panel discussion with Fast Company)

Industry Recognitions

  • Named a Leader in Talent Readiness and Digital Talent Capability in 2022 by the Everest Group and Avasant RadarView
  • HCLTech’s STAR Team (School of Talent Advancement and Reskilling) won four awards at the Times Ascent Asia Pacific HRM Congress in Bengaluru, India. STAR drives several Learning and development initiatives for Engineering and R&D Services employees.
  • Recognized by Wake Tech as Work-Based Learning (WBL) Employer of the Year

Employee Perspective

Throughout my 15-year-long career at HCLTech, I was given the opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn a lot of new technologies that not only helped me grow, but also helped me be at the cutting-edge of technology, delivering great products for our customers.”

Gopal A
Engineering and R&D Services, HCLTech India


Employees trained in digital skills


Employees trained in core skills


Employees benefitted from behavioral and leadership skill development courses


Overall person-hours invested in trainings in first three quarters

Delivering Employment That Fuels Confidence

At HCLTech, we provide our people with work opportunities they can trust, ensuring their growth, development and empowerment.

We have established a global presence that our employees can depend on. With our expansive reach and expertise, we deliver innovative solutions and opportunities across the globe.

New Vistas and Nearshore Initiatives

Through our New Vistas and nearshore initiatives, we not only meet growing market demand for our services, but also leverage the thriving ecosystems that these locations offer. By integrating local talent, we foster a diverse and inclusive workforce. Our industry-leading localization efforts further strengthen our engagement models, ensuring the success and satisfaction of our employees.

Major nearshore operations – Romania, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Canada, Guatemala, Poland and Brazil.

Recent nearshore operations – Costa Rica, Morocco, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Czech Republic.

New Vistas India - Our New Vistas locations in India (Madurai, Lucknow, Vijayawada and Nagpur) have not only scaled in size but also diversified to represent delivery operations of all our service lines.


Net addition in FY23


Headcount growth in FY23


Freshers added in FY23


Attrition rate in FY23, down from 21.92% in FY22


Nearshore locations across the globe


Headcount in nearshore countries


Share of New Vistas workforce representing India headcount

Employee Perspective

I have transitioned from research project management to technology administration and now to a support operations lead. More than a company, HCLTech is my constant school and community!”

Roberta Preussler dos Santos
Track Lead, HCLTech Brazil

My experience since I started working for HCLTech more than a year ago has been nothing short of extraordinary. I have been able to succeed and learn in a multi-cultural team, interacting on a regular basis with people from various Geos. Thanks to the cooperative and diverse set of co-workers who motivate me every day, I have had the chance to greatly improve my abilities and knowledge. Additionally, HCLTech’s emphasis on work-life balance has given me the freedom to pursue personal interests while performing at the highest level in my position.”

Paul Colcea
Program Manager, Digital & Analytics, HCLTech Romania

Industry Recognitions

  • Recognized as a Global Top Employer 2023
  • Recognized as Top Employer in 25 countries, out of which we were ranked No. 1 employer in 18 countries, by the Top Employers’ Institute
  • Certified as a Great Place to Work in the U.S.
  • Named an Arogya World 2022 Healthy Workplace by Arogya World - a U.S.-based global nonprofit organization working for the prevention of noncommunicable diseases through health education and lifestyle changes

Employee Experience

The following initiatives strive to empower our employees, foster excellence at all levels and create an environment where everyone can thrive and grow:

Inspiring managerial excellence
Through 360-degree assessments across all levels, employees have the opportunity to share their “wow” moments enabled by their managers on our internal social network, inspiring managerial excellence.

Managerial badges
We convert the feedback received from employees into “badges” earned by managers, recognizing and showcasing their exemplary behavior.

Data-driven insights
We provide business leaders with dashboards that offer employee feedback, sentiment analysis and listening tools.

We are refreshing our technology, processes and policies to center them around employee experience. This includes intuitive user interfaces, process designs that prioritize employee experience, the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and the utilization of analytics and data science to drive insights and improvements.

We are also reimagining the entire onboarding process to improve the experience for new employees. By streamlining the journey from the offer stage to their first day at HCLTech, we ensure a seamless and engaging transition for our new hiers into our organization.

Providing Exciting Employee Experience: Inspiring DEI, Driving CSR and Championing ESG Engagement

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
Our robust DEI strategy is carefully crafted to ensure that every employee feels included, valued and respected, recognizing the importance of seeing our employees as individuals, fostering a climate free of bias, promoting equity and embracing the unique perspectives and backgrounds of everyone.

To bring our DEI charter to life across the globe, we have established employee resource groups, multicultural groups and a diversity council. Our focus on diversity and inclusion extends to various dimensions, including people of color, women, LGBTQIA+ individuals, people with disabilities (PWD), neurodiversity and mental health.

DEI is deeply ingrained in our business values, influencing not only our hiring strategy but also our talent statistics.

  • Four out of five employees in the major geographies we operate in are local hires
  • Gender diversity improved to 29.2% during FY23
  • Gender diversity at senior leadership level (E6+) has grown by 24% in the past five years
  • A diverse board, with more than 30% women directors
  • Headcount of people with disabilities has increased by 9%
  • Founding member of World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Parity Alliance on DE&I
  • Joined a cohort of the largest and most progressive companies in the world to pledge the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Campaigns to welcome LGBTQIA+ talent into the organization
  • 49% of female students in total campus hiring mix
  • HCLTech offers a returnship program to women, military veterans and all eligible candidates who wish to return to corporate life after a long career break
  • Momtastic Program resulted in 98.7% of women returning to work post maternity
  • 10,000+ different technical and behavioral trainings offered to employees
  • Programs such as ASCEND, Steppingstones, DECODE, Senior Hire Integration Program for women employees
  • 27% of senior women employees in revenue generating roles
  • Inclusion Lab, set up to improve the ‘inclusion quotient’ of senior leaders, business leaders and people leaders, covers 23,000 employees
  • Active employee resource groups – Women Connect Network, Single Parent Network, Pride Group, The Heritage Network, Ability Connect Network

Industry Recognitions for our DEI Efforts

  • Times of India and Ask Insights recognized us as the Diverse Company of the Year 2022, at the Global DEI Summit 5.0.
  • We received the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards in following categories: best DEI strategy, best advance in leading DEI initiatives, best advance in leadership development for women, best learning program for unconscious bias awareness and best use of ERG for DEI.
  • We are among the 2022 Avtar & Seramount’s 100 Best Companies for Women in India and an “Exemplar of Inclusion” in most Inclusive companies’ index. In the Seramount’s 2022 Global inclusion index, HCLTech has earned a spot in 14 countries.
  • We were recognized with Silver award in India Workplace Equality Index 2022.

Employee Perspective

I am a living example of HCLTech’s promise to empower lives. After my accident, HCLTech made me feel I could still live independently - the entire campus is accessible. From my job interview onwards, I’ve never been allowed to feel different. Here ‘inclusion and diversity’ are not mere words on the corporate agenda; they’re part of the company’s culture.”

Priyanka Srivastava
Deputy Manager, Digital Foundation Service HCLTech India

HCLTech’s culture has been a remarkable aspect of my experience as an LGBTQIA+ individual within the workspace. The notable part is the respect and acceptance I have consistently received from everyone I engage with daily. I am embraced for who I am, cultivating an environment where I can truly be myself.”

Camillo Louvise (He/Him/His)
Marketing Head, HCLTech Brazil

Employee Benefits and Incentives

We prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our employees by offering a comprehensive range of benefits and incentives that enhance their overall work experience.

  • Employee Assistance Program benefits (For example, unlimited telephonic clinical assessments and up to three professional assessments) are free of charge and available 24/7 to all family members
  • Performance recognition platforms like Achievers League, O-Infinity, Hall of Fame, Ultimate Ideaprenuer, Red Ladder Awards, peer-to-peer recognition, team awards and spot recognitions
  • Medical benefits and insurance
  • Vaccination/health check-up drives
  • Paid time-off for short-term disability
  • Bonus program includes short-term incentive/ annual variable bonus, sales/revenue-linked incentives
  • Long-term incentive (LTI) plan for senior management
  • 401-K retirement plan (U.S.) and company pension plan (India)
  • Autism behavioural therapy (U.S.)

People Engagement with ESG/CSR initiatives

We believe in the power of our people to supercharge progress for our communities and the planet. Our people don’t just engage in our CSR efforts, they drive them. We tackle issues that deeply matter to our employees and where we have unique expertise.

Through our commitment to ESG, reflected in our Act, Pact and Impact initiatives, we empower employee volunteering, supported by policies and a strong culture of community contribution. By aligning their interests with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we tap into the talents and time of our employees to create a lasting impact.

She Powers Progress: Celebrating Women in Technology

When women embrace technology, it’s not just good for women, it’s good for clients, culture, collaboration, business, humanity and progress.

We recognize the vital contributions of women in technology, and we celebrate their achievements. “She Powers Progress” shines a spotlight on the inspiring women who are creating value for our organization and supercharging progress for our clients.

We firmly believe that supporting women is a collective effort to foster progress and inclusivity. By empowering women in technology, we are driving innovation, unlocking new perspectives and amplifying the collective impact of our organization.

We are showcasing inspiring stories of the next generation of women in technology. Through our #SheTheFuture campaign, we highlight the achievements of young women who are making their mark in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers. By sharing these stories, we inspire and pave the way for a new era where more girls aspire to pursue careers in STEM.

Employee Perspective

To all the women and young girls out there, I’d like to say, never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you’re a woman; work hard to disprove their claims. When you have a dream, you must grasp it and hold on to it no matter what, because nothing is impossible for those who try.”

Vatsla Khattar
Software Engineer, Digital Business, HCLTech India

My advice to young women in STEM is to live a life of continual education. This is probably also applicable to other fields, but for technology specifically, in such a dynamic and changing field it is important to always be learning new concepts and skills to not only stay competitive, but also to expand your base of knowledge.”

Alaina Fletcher
Associate, Apps & SI, HCLTech U.S.