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Value Portal & MAD JAM

Value Portal – How Collaborative Innovation Leads to even Greater Value

At HCL we understand that innovation doesn’t happen in silos and it doesn’t happen alone. We believe the ‘value zone’ or the interface between the employee and the customer gives birth to the biggest ideas, boldest innovation and ultimately truly transformational value. HCL’s employee idea exchange platform – Value Portal – was therefore created to funnel the innovation energy of 90,000 employees, especially those at the grassroots level to collaborate, innovate and lead the implementation of their ideas to deliver value to the customers. By bringing together not just the employees of HCL, but also the employees of customer organizations to share knowledge, ideas and solutions to address common goals/problems, it resulted in co-creation of value. This meant that HCL employees were able to deliver ideas, and create value in line with the strategic objectives and direction of the customer’s they were working with. Moreover, employees not only got feedback on their ideas from customers, but received rewards once it was implemented in the customer organization.

In 2011, the Value Portal received the Forrester Groundswell Award in the Management: Innovation System category. Given its phenomenal success and popularity, the Value Portal which began as a pilot for four HCL customers, has since been rolled out to all HCL customers.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the Value Portal at HCL:

  • 15,000 + employees involved in idea generation
  • 20, 078 ideas generated till 30th June 2013
  • Ideas implemented:4,539; Under implementation: 1,134
  • Value generated: $264 Million
  • Value pipeline: $375 Million

MAD JAM – Celebrating the power of transformational ideas

The Value Portal was designed to drive employees to share their innovative ideas that they believed would make a true difference to the customer’s business. But how would we celebrate these ideas at HCL? A group of employees therefore created the “MAD Jam” (Make a Difference Jamboree). MAD Jam is a unique celebration of the best innovators of HCL, and ultimately a manifestation of the Employees First, Customer Second’ philosophy.

Designed almost like an American Idol for HCL’s innovators, the team launched a campaign to introduce MAD Jam to 90,000 Ideapreneurs. As a result Ideapreneurs from all corners of the world sent in over 377 ideas. In the first round the business heads of HCL got together and picked up 18 of the best ideas. These 18 ideas were then made into 3 minute films that showcased the idea and business impact. These videos were shared online on a portal, while the 18 finalist teams campaigned for their ideas through every available channel to get the maximum votes from employees. After 2 months, 9 teams made it into the Grand Finale in New Delhi, where some finalists came from as far as away as Dallas in the US. In the Grand Finale the ideas were judged by a distinguished panel of judges - two very senior people from HCL, and one external judge, an associate partner from McKinsey.

After a long deliberation ‘Customer On-boarding’ – a solution that drastically reduces the on-boarding cycle time of a customer in a financial institution - was picked as the winning idea.  ‘Mobility Solutions’, which enabled police officers to instantly send details to the central police system from a crime scene, using their mobile devices, was the winner of the Innovators’ Choice award.

While the objective of MAD JAM was to applaud the efforts of the finest innovators at HCL, what was actually being celebrated was a path breaking shift – from leaders driving ideas, to employees giving and then leading great ideas.

Check out grass root innovations recognized on the MAD JAM platform.

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