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HCLTech has been at the forefront of implementing cloud and virtualization technologies, assisting enterprises to drive business growth and enable superior digital experience. Our vision of the enterprise for the digital age is that of a modern IT data center equipped with service-oriented and secured data center infrastructure services. We assist customers in adopting best-in-class, next-generation hybrid data center management architecture to enhance agility. This allows IT the freedom to create united and secured data center services and experiences for users. At the core of our data center management services lies IT service management process automation and service orchestration. HCLTech has assisted more than 100 enterprises to successfully migrate to global data centers, and presently, we manage more than half a million servers globally.

We have a wide range of service offerings across data center management portfolio – comprising data center operations, data center transformation, data center automation, and cloud services. Additionally, our customer-aligned NGDC suite provides solution by employing disruptive technology, flexible commercial models, and global delivery models to drive value to business, end users, and IT. By deploying these data center services, businesses are able to build competency to provide DC, cloud transition, migration, consulting, and system integration operation services worldwide. This paves the path for future-proof and hybrid cloud infrastructure. For end users, such data center infrastructure management solutions ensure enhanced agility, thereby facilitating the delivery of more automated and responsive business service. With strong automation and process frameworks, end users can be assured of proficient and verified reference data center architecture-based solutions. HCLTech’s offerings for data center infrastructure management helped IT reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and enhance operational excellence. In a controlled infrastructure with defined software, service-based process integration can be ensured.

HCLTech’s data center management services are vast and varied – comprising MCOD, RecoverNXT CLOUD, BackupNXT, ROBOace, cloud assessment and readiness tool (CART), MyCloud, DRYiCETM, and SDI Innovation Garage.


Data Center Consulting

V-Transform framework assesses existing IT landscape, performs detailed analysis, and provides consolidated solutions to enterprises

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Data Center Consolidation

HCLTech’s data center consolidation methodology redefines traditional architectures, helping enterprises achieve desired business outcomes.

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Data Center Hosting

HCLTech’s data centers are built to deliver unparalleled security, connectivity, and service availability

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Data Center Virtualization

HCLTech’s Data Center Virtualization service helps enterprises achieve agile business responsiveness and cost efficiency

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Software Defined Infrastructure Services

HCLTech’s SDI approach delivers to customers the best of both cloud service and automation

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Green Data Center Methodology

HCLTech’s Green Data Center Methodology helps enterprises attain green goals without compromising on performance

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