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Retail & Corporate Banking

For organizations to achieve resounding success, their Business and IT need to be aligned. HCL's Retail and Corporate Banking Services provides you comprehensive and specialized services across varied banking domains.

The micro-verticalized services focus on:

  • Consumer lending: Convenience, consumer retention, connectivity and financial intelligence do have a great bearing on the lending process. With an in-depth insight into the consumer lending industry and extensive expertise HCL solutions in areas of Collection and collateral management addresses convenience, connectivity and aids in customer retention... Read More
  • Commercial and Corporate lending: HCL provides a wide range of solutions across the entire spectrum of commercial and corporate lending. The practice is powered by industry experts who bring in a wealth of experience as end users and have been involved in several IT solution implementations across the globe... Read More
  • Cards: HCL's Cards micro-vertical provides services related to issuance, processing and servicing of credit and debit cards. At HCL, we have proven experience and strong technical competency in Application Development and Maintenance related to Internet Commerce... Read More
  • Trade Finance: With the changing market dynamics that are unfolding in the Trade Finance area, banks are increasingly recognizing the need to better understand how companies are taking advantage of traditional products along with new tools and technology to manage risk, streamline business processes and reduce the costs associated with trade... Read More
  • Multi Channel: The banks are required to adopt themselves to the changing customer preferences and this applies not only to their products and services, but also to multi-channel delivery of such products and services... Read More
  • Treasury: The increased trend towards globalization and centralization necessitates treasury professionals to conduct business across geographies that involve different and changing regulatory controls... Read More
  • Cash Management: Efficient cash management processes are pre-requisites to execute payments, collect receivables and manage liquidity. Managing the channels of collections, payments and accounting information efficiently becomes imperative with growth in business transaction volumes... Read More
  • Core Banking: Core Banking and Run the Bank are synonymous for most part. Core Banking is the meeting point of the largest banking services segment namely Retail and Commercial Banking, cutting edge Information Technology and the ever advancing Communication Technology... Read More

What Customers say

The ability to understand the business problem, together with the technical landscape and bridge the two, cannot be overstated. For that I'd be looking for someone who can influence, articulate and hold a view.

"What can I say!. Your efforts have made considerable positive impact.

– CIO, Leading Bank in Australia and NZ


What an amazing result. Considering how long and how tough this year has been, the result on the weekend was a testament to the drive, dedication and commitment to quality that this team continues to display. For those unaware of the details, we migrated over 400,000 business deposit and migration accounts with a success rate of 99.86% !!!!Congratulations to all involved and a huge well done to a program that continues to deliver the big bank changing milestones." 

– Program Director- One of the largest banks in Australia