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ISP & Web Portals

Industry Challenges

  • Enable appropriate business models to maximize revenues from search queries
  • High entry-barriers due to involvement of complex algorithmic technologies
  • Increasing growth of alternate business models like the ones used by Facebook
  • Diversify revenue streams away from advertising revenue towards paid services, content partnerships, e-commerce, and SaaS offerings


Value Propositions


  • Extensive experience in Geo Spatial search, Local search, Desktop search and Mobile search
  • Ability to be a business and risk sharing partner in the development of portals – Suit engagement business model to match the client’s business model (e.g. “Pay per Click”)
  • A successful IEP (Invest, Engage, and Partner) Business Model
  • Capability to target key applications / services by offering end-to-end solutions spanning product development, testing, production support and customer support
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