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Globally, organizations wish to gain scalability and flexibility by revamping existing IT infrastructure services. In a rapidly evolving business environment, characterized by tough competition, innovation is the primary requisite for success and hence, a stable IT system is unavoidable. However, transitioning from legacy systems to upgraded ones involve a set of challenges like updating and future-proofing of architecture. Enterprise CIOs and IT leaders are encountering mounting pressure to ensure speed and flexibility from data center providers. As an increasing number of consumers demand self-service options and customized experiences, an efficient IT department, increased data security on consumer devices, and cloud-native applications become imperative.

HCLTech offers a gamut of Data Center Consulting Services to meet the prerequisites of innovation via world-class data center design services, ranging from initial consultation to modernization of existing facilities. Our team of highly skilled professionals can add value to an existing modern data center by augmenting operations; improving infrastructure by adding elements like computing, storage, database and network; and implementing new age technology applications. This would help enterprises to drive down cost and enhance security and efficiency. HCLTech’s data center consulting services are based on V-Transform Framework which works on the principles of ‘discover, analyze, design, and valuate’. V-Transform, assisted by HCLTech’s partner ecosystem and analytics-led approach, evaluates the present scenario and provides an optimum model to adopt. It thus enables enterprises to shift seamlessly from outdated infrastructure silos to next-gen service delivery platforms.

Based on existing IT landscape and business roadmap, V-Transform can assist enterprises in recognizing, outlining, and progressing on a set of IT Transformation initiatives. Our team excels in providing data center software solutions in line with organizational objectives to ensure successful delivery of expected business outcomes. With V-Transform, we deliver flexibility and facilitate leveraging data center consulting services trends like SMAC and Automation.