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Lately, there has been a proliferation of data with every click, conversation, transaction, and behavior being analyzed and stored. This leads to an increased demand for greater storage and processing power. To meet this requirement, enterprises buy data storage space from data centers. However, this proves to be costly and is not energy efficient. There is a growing concern among IT leaders about the negative impact of high consumption of energy on the environment. They are on the lookout for cost-efficient technologies which not only cater to an organization’s data storage needs but are environment-friendly as well.This has got the IT leaders thinking about green data centers. 

To cater to your enterprises data storage and processing needs you can consider HCLTech’s Green Data Center Solutions. HCLTech’s Next Gen Green Data Center Methodology revolves around:

Assessment Phase: Using the assessment framework (Green IT Scorecard), an audit of the existing environment is carried out and a line is set for measuring the current energy usage and carbon footprint. This phase of the green data center solution includes gap analysis and feasibility study which are executed to pinpoint activities that can bring about a transformation. It is the first step towards a green data center. 

Planning and Design Phase: This phase of green data center methodology involves creation of a road map for green procurement, DC optimization, recycling, and financial and resource planning.

Implementation Phase: Specific technologies data center consolidation virtualization, power and cooling management, and IT infrastructure management are selected and implemented. In this phase of green data center methodology enterprises can also get Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Through Certified Alliance Partnership Program (CAPP), HCLTech has partnered with providers who have built green data centers in environment-friendly facilities and implemented recent technologies such as high-density racks, ultrasonic humidification, high-efficiency harmonic mitigating transformers (HMT’s), and variable frequency drives (VFDs).This has helped HCLTech deliver expert support and green data center solutions along with clean, affordable energy. Leveraging green data center methodology, HCLTech has attained close to 80% virtualization for its enterprise customers. By opting for HCLTech’s Next Gen Green Data Center Methodology, enterprises can expect facility, technology, and management assessment, green procurement, e-waste recycling programs, new data center design, power and cooling management along with reporting, monitoring, and management.