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The digital revolution has transformed the way IT is consumed and experienced, significantly impacting enterprises and the software defined data center they use. As a result of the growing demands of enterprise users and customers which impact the functioning of software defined data center, IT must become more experience-centric, agile, and outcome-oriented. However, experience-centric services can only be delivered if the underlying infrastructure becomes abstracted – by a more intelligent software layer that enables automation, lean operations, and faster go to market for services. This led to the development of software defined infrastructure (SDI) – ensuring abstraction, agility, and automation.

HCLTech VelocITy SDI framework

VelocITy is a 360-degree framework that assesses the current landscape (infrastructure, available skill-sets and existing processes) and maps the outcomes with the organization’s strategy and objectives. This provides a holistic roadmap that enables business and commercial benefits in line with organizational drivers through SDI services and SDI software.

It comprises the following phases:

  • Assess: Comprehensive evaluation of existing processes, technology and skillset to understand possible outcomes and “how-to” gaps
  • Plan: An end-to-end deployment blueprint based on the outcomes of the assessment phase
  • Execute: A seamless methodology to migrate, execute and operate SDI ecosystems with minimal snags
  • Operate: NXTGenOps operational framework for SDI, powered by DRYiCE autonomics

HCLTech has made significant contributions to facilitate this shift in IT– with over $15 million in investment, an innovation lab and a dedicated Centre of Excellence to help our customers embrace and thrive in today’s digital economy

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