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In the modern landscape, enterprises that are a step ahead in adopting the latest technology have successfully executed business strategies and expanded globally. However, they often face challenges while conceiving strategies which allow IT to support growth endeavors within stringent budgetary limits while facing intense competition. Eventually, this shifts the focus of CIOs to agility and asset-light operation model. Virtualization is the answer to delivering on both these fronts.

Virtual data centers have been set up for business needs. Data center virtualization has disrupted the traditional “one server per application” approach. The emergence of public cloud infrastructure has led to the evolution of virtualization where its power has extended to software-defined storage (SDS) and software-defined networking (SDN). Apart from offering traditional consulting services for virtualized data center, HCLTech also offers unified virtualization-as-a-service (uVaaS), where we take over the client’s hardware, virtualize it and ‘rent’ it back to the clients. Several Fortune 1000 organizations have successfully undertaken data center virtualization services by partnering with us for data center virtualization.

At HCLTech, we have developed a five-step service pack, the Virtual Data Center Lifecycle Services. The phases are Assessment, Architecture, Implementation, Operations, and Transformation. “Assessment” involves analysis of the base architecture, measurement of performance statistics, and review of infrastructure. In the “architecture” phase, the project plan is created and the impact of IT infrastructure virtualization is determined. The “implementation” phase includes building virtual machines which are then integrated with application and network. In the fourth phase, operations procedure is outlined and documents are provided for production capabilities. Finally, in the fifth phase — “transformation” — infrastructure consolidation is undertaken, green virtualized data center is set up, and enhanced customer experience is ensured. By employing HCLTech’s Data Center Virtualization, enterprises will benefit from cloud-ready infrastructure and catalog-based hybrid cloud deployment. They will have access to effective tools which manage virtual infrastructure and skilled deployment and operations resources. Lastly, organizations can ensure service-driven policy delivery.