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Video Enabling Services (VoD)

Video enabling services is a solution addressed to serve the growing demand of security & surveillance.


Market Need

Urgent need for security is driving the growth of the global video surveillance market. Governments around the world are forced to invest in video surveillance technologies for homeland security due to repeated terrorist attacks.

Also, the mobile space lends its hand to video surveillance market as mobile data traffic is growing manifold. This is seen as an opportunity by service providers to offer surveillance as a solution to enhance their Average Revenue per User as data and voice traffic growth flatten.


  • Smart storage, search and security: Videos can be stored in camera; external storage devices and intelligent search can be done for VoD and video analytics. Multiple levels of controls and administration are provided for secured access
  • Video scheduling, controlling and viewing can be done using the device of user’s choice (multiple devices). The variety of devices would include, smart phones, tablet, laptop & TV. Transcoding service is piped into a streaming server to deliver the right format of video to the devices
  • Streams are received from the cameras as single stream and dual streams for the application to determine the most efficient way in which the stream could be managed, viewed, recorded, and transmitted. Video surveillance systems make high-quality video available whenever it is needed
  • Can easily be integrated with home automation and/or home gateway


  • Optimization: Patented algorithms to manage network congestion and bandwidth throttling to enable excellent QoS, QoE
  • Ease of Use: Plug and play of cameras and viewing devices using intuitive GUI and user & admin controls. Solution can be applied for varying sizes of enterprises and requirements (camera and device scalability)
  • Advanced features: Face detection for authentication, asset tracking, and smart search using video, audit logs and user data. Analytical services to generate varied reports
  • Open platform: SDK to enable third party plug-ins for payment gateway, encryption, streaming, etc