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Supercharging the digital fintech platforms of tomorrow

Learn how we partnered with a leading American multinational financial services company to transform their platform.
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5 min read

A leading American multinational financial services company, that provides a platform for international money transfer, embarked on a comprehensive digital transformation journey to enhance its business operations. The client was facing multiple challenges, including outdated legacy technology, lack of omnichannel vision, absence of content management capabilities and extended time-to-market. Their existing platform struggled to handle surges in traffic, which resulted in occasional performance degradation.




Million customer base worldwide



The Challenge

The existing technical stack was built on outdated technology – Apache Wicket with HTML4 and Java Servlets, and lacked the flexibility to support the multi form-factor and personalized experience that users expect in today’s digital, tech-driven world. Their legacy systems were not scalable enough to accommodate new features and differentiated experiences needed to stay ahead of the pack. Added to this, the monolithic architecture of the system made it difficult to bring in new channel apps quickly.

They also had hard-coded content on transactional sites, making it difficult for the business to update the content. Owing to its limited capabilities for internationalization and localization, the system could not cater to diverse markets. Innovation and rapid user experience improvements through A/B tests were not possible and the rollout of new features to other countries was complex and time-consuming. The system had several choke points, leading to performance issues, particularly during high-volume periods. Addressing these issues was crucial for our customer to adapt to the ever-evolving user expectations and stay competitive in the market.


The Objective

Our team came up with a well-defined strategy to help our client achieve their business goals effectively, while prioritizing the following areas:

  • Omni-channel transformation
  • Migration of 44 applications to AWS; AWS applications successfully deployed in Non-Prod
  • Enabling effective monitoring of all US and international sites, mobile apps, partner apps, and various reporting metrics, including traffic, conversion rate, funnel analysis, path, visitor behavior etc.
  • Reviewing the current system’s capacity and identifying choke points to make the system more resilient and efficient by performance tuning the platform

The Solution

Cloud-first, Technology-led, Managed operations

To address the client’s existing issues, we are fully committed to rebuilding the platform with an API-first approach. HCLTech has built a modernized API Layer on top of their core systems, allowing the development of multiple applications over these APIs. Today, the application is available in 160+ countries, supporting multiple languages, currencies and payment methods to cater to diverse user needs.

We have modernized the UI with the next-gen money transfer platform, which can deliver new features and updates more frequently, ensuring that the end customers have access to the latest functionalities. We have also implemented comprehensive cloud operations, ensuring continuous monitoring of the entire platform 24x7 with an ‘eyes-on-glass’ approach and maintaining a high availability target of 99.9 %.

An in-depth platform analysis was also conducted, examining the CPU, memory, and thread utilization across systems during peak and non-peak periods to identify the bottlenecks. We made recommendations for system performance improvements by means of capacity upgrades or code optimizations.

The Impact

By implementing a comprehensive transformation strategy at scale without service disruption, we empowered the client to achieve remarkable outcomes:

  • Modern digital platform, enabling multiple channels and use cases with the API-first approach.
  • Threefold increase in digital revenue, through improved user experience, expanded functionality and seamless integration of digital services.
  • 5 million+ app downloads, ensuring faster adoption and wider reach.
  • Multifold increase in new user registrations across regions, ensuring improved engagement
  • Reported 10,000+ Retail kiosks transactions per day, signifying a successful adoption and utilization of the digital platform.