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Cloud Engineering


At HCL, we focus on addressing the challenges and end-to-end needs of organizations looking to transform themselves and adapt to software and cloud-native technologies. Our Cloud Engineering services and solutions are based on extensive experience in building and supporting large and complex cloud-native platforms for enterprises. We leverage solution accelerators, reference architecture, and tools. Our unique approach enables enterprises to fast-track their transformation journey from traditional, on-premise, customized hardware platforms, and legacy software technologies to cloud-native, software-controlled solutions supporting next-generation services.


HCL offers tailor-made Cloud Engineering services to partner with customers at different stages of their cloud transformation journey.


Cloud Engineering

Consulting Services

Consulting Services
  • • Help understand the value of cloud and cloud-native architecture
  • • Assessment to determine transformation approach and establish cloud –native architecture roadmap

Transformation Services

  • • Draw to-be architecture and selection of best-fit platform and edge devices, technology and tools
  • • Transform to microservice-based modern architecture, agility via DevSecOps, and enable new service models & devices/ Edge
  • • Infrastructure provisioning and employing DevOps pipeline to streamline cloud deployment and changes on assets

CloudOps Management

Process Transformation
  • • Industrialized operations management to gain operational efficiencies and continuous innovation
  • • Security and vulnerability- associated open source, and cloud infrastructure

Customer Onboarding

  • • Provide professional services for cloud adoption and on-boarding of stakeholders


Cloud Bridge is a suite of independent solution accelerators built on agile, DevOps, low code and no-code principles that integrate seamlessly to drive end-to-end cloud transformation.

CloudBridge Analyzer
CB Analyzer

Analyse & decode monolith and recommend microservices


Automate modularization and containerization.

ACE Micro
ACE Micro

Cloud-friendly and agile-friendly container based microservices development


Comprehensive IaC platform to enable adaptive infrastructure provisioning across multi-cloud

Cloud Works

Accelerate the development and management of an application on Kubernetes cluster across any cloud Read More

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