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Transforming MOCVD systems with innovative product development

Powering a revolutionary technology platform for new product introduction
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About the Client

Our client is a prominent equipment supplier with an emphasis on developing and building processing systems for the semiconductor ecosystem. Additionally, with a specialization in MOCVD (Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition) equipment, they have recognized the imperative for a dynamic approach to revolutionize the landscape of semiconductor manufacturing. They have partnered with HCLTech to develop a common technology platform for new product introductions, aiming to deliver smart solutions tailored to their clients' unique requirements.

The Challenge

The world’s leading MOCVD equipment manufacturer was resolute in embarking on an extraordinary journey toward a future where revolutionary products are conceived, developed and introduced with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

  • Cost optimization: It was essential to decrease the total cost of ownership and curtail the R&D expenditure for new product introductions.
  • Outsourcing expertise: They required continuous support from key engineers around the clock to support their core technology from conceptualization to retail design and release.
  • Integration of advanced capabilities: It was required to re-use the common technology across product lines and integrate it with cutting-edge platforms.

Collectively, these challenges presented formidable obstacles for our client in their pursuit of pushing boundaries and bringing their innovations to markets faster.

The Objective

Creating a revolutionary technology platform for new product introduction

With an unwavering commitment to expediting new product launches and reducing time to market, our client partnered with us to unlock unparalleled levels of efficiency, precision and scalability. They sought a new software technology platform to minimize turnaround time and ensure that time to market would stay ahead of the competition. There was a requirement to enhance the throughput of the MOCVD system by developing a new technology platform, ultimately leading to improved processing time and quicker system response. Our cutting-edge technology solutions created a game-changing ecosystem that empowered the client to push boundaries and bring their innovations to market faster than ever before.


Our Approach and Solution

To develop a common technology platform that will revolutionize the way new products are introduced

With an extensive industry presence spanning over two decades, along with our state-of-the-art labs, testing infrastructure, solutions, accelerators and frameworks, we positioned ourselves as the preferred partner for our client. When they approached us with their unique challenges, our team of experts conducted a meticulous analysis of their pain points and gained a deep understanding of the requirements. This paved the way for us to design and deliver a solution that not only addressed the challenges but also delivered significant value for the customer.

Our comprehensive capabilities and solutions have been developed over our extensive industry experience across mechanical, electrical, software and hardware engineering. Our expertise extends to equipment systems and sub-systems, including design, development, prototyping and certification for all equipment parts. This enabled us to provide a holistic engineering solution based on a turnkey engagement model, facilitating us to achieve phenomenal outcomes for the customer.

Our vision was simple yet ambitious — to develop a common technology platform that would revolutionize the way new products are introduced. Our approach included:

  • Assuming end-to-end PDLC ownership from requirements gathering to development to testing to field development and support
  • Developing simulators for devices, subsystems and interlocks to accelerate product development
  • Implementing factory automation standards like SECS and GEM
  • Developing scheduler and material handling systems
  • Extensive data analysis from build runs (data graphs, archiving, statistical summary, etc.)

The Impact

Unlocking unparalleled levels of efficiency, precision and scalability

Our expertise and solutions played a pivotal role in assisting our client overcome challenges and unlocking their core potential. This innovative collaboration yielded remarkable outcomes, empowering them to accelerate new product launches, reduce cost of ownership and expedite time to market. Some key highlights include:

  • The delivery of a reusable common framework that serves as a platform for New Product Development (NPD)
  • A remarkable 70% of reusable code, leading to a 30% cost reduction and quicker time to market
  • A notable improvement in Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), with the new platform achieving an impressive 15,000 hours for the new platform

We remain committed to sustaining our collaborative efforts, driving innovation and consistently delivering exceptional value to the client as their trusted partner.