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Shorter semiconductor chip design cycles and lower design costs have always been in high demand. As newer tools and methodologies emerge, expectations of smarter, better and faster design only increase.

It’s a good thing we have years of experience in leading-edge silicon designs. Leveraging our expertise, semiconductor organizations can increase speed of innovation, gain more on-demand compute capacity and enhance flexibility. By migrating workloads to the cloud and adding elastic cloud resources, we are helping companies augment on premise Electronic Design Automation (EDA) processes and/or create hybrid or pure cloud EDA infrastructures.



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Our expertise and offerings, backed with our innovation labs, frameworks and accelerators, can help enterprises simplify their semiconductor design to cloud journey.

Technical Expertise
Technical Expertise

With 25+ years of experience in semiconductor domain and broad experience in cloud transformation services, migration readiness and cloud architectures, we are ideally positioned to successfully take your semiconductor designs to the cloud and accelerate your time to market, while significantly reducing development costs.

Global Footprint
Global Footprint

We can quickly and flexibly scale up teams across the globe. We have a large global engineering team focused on semiconductor segment with the ability to support customers leveraging public or private cloud infrastructures and services.

Delivery Credentials
Delivery Credentials

We are known and recognized for our experience in designing and managing complex designs using CloudEDA in a variety of foundry nodes from 3 nanometer to legacy. Our customers trust our extensive portfolio of solution accelerators, IPs and best practices, and highly commend our strong focus on design automation, CAD methodologies and DA support in managed services model.

Design Partnership Ecosystem
Design Partnership Ecosystem

Not only do we have strong partnerships with multiple foundries, EDA and IP vendors, we are also a TSMC DCA, GF enablement network partner and ARM-approved design partner. Our partnership ecosystem lets us provide cost optimization through right resource sizing.

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