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Incremental NeXT in Manufacturing Operations Management

Industry 4.0 has necessitated enterprises to rapidly implement digital solutions to transform their traditional manufacturing. Enterprises are now focusing on maximizing the use of IT-OT-ET data and AI tools to gain deeper insights across product value chains and automate decision-making to achieve competitive differentiation. To enable next-gen manufacturing for enterprises, HCLTech offers unique services in consulting, product engineering, MES/MOM implementation, migration services, continuous platform upgrades and operations support.

Incremental NeXT in Manufacturing Operations Management

Accelerating Manufacturing Transformation

HCLTech MES portfolio focuses on vertical integration from shopfloor to top-floor, integrating data from business systems, shop-floor systems, machines and devices to provide real-time information which is further processed through data analytics and machine learning to plan the activities like predictive maintenance, process optimization and technology upgrades.

Manufacturing operations management

We provide strategic consulting for platform selection, implementation planning, roll out of commercial MOM platforms and program management.

Plant automation

We provide end-to-end assistance for automation with strategy definition, plant integration, data modelling and control system migration.

Manufacturing intelligence and analytics

We facilitate IT-OT-ET integration and implementation of solutions to gain deeper insights into plant operations, bottlenecks, KPI reporting and use of AI for event prediction.

Industrial cybersecurity

We execute critical assessment of plant security followed by strategy formulation, implementation and operations support.

Asset management

We facilitate improved asset utilization through analytics, predictive monitoring and remote management.

Robotics and cobotics

We help in enhancing the cognitive functionalities in robot architecture using open-source technologies.

Manufacturing planning and simulation

We facilitate comprehensive planning of manufacturing variables supported by plant simulations for diverse scenarios.


Our Frameworks and Accelerators


We have a proven framework to accelerate multi-plant roll out of MES/ MOM solution using template-based approach to reduce implementation costs and faster ROI.

SMART manufacturing assessment

Smart Manufacturing Accelerators for Reimagined Transformation Our consulting toolkit, driven by industry standards, helps in plant maturity assessment and developing roadmaps to achieve client’s transformation objectives.


eZ-MFG is an in-house, light MES solution that leverages new technology trends and focuses on rapid deployment and quick ROI by implementing foundational MES use cases.

‘ExaCT’ manufacturing applications analysis

HCLTech’s Energize- Explore- Analyze- Craft- Transform’ consulting-driven manufacturing application consolidation is driven by AI-powered application analysis and reverse code/ document generation.


HCLTech’s ‘Real-time Online Supplier Tracking’ solution increases supply chain performance by improving visibility into supplier production status and risk mitigation by forecasting potential delays in advance.

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