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The new normal calls for enterprises to accelerate their Digital Manufacturing and the Connected Factory journey for increased visibility, collaboration, and insight into operations. This, in turn, can enable enterprises to rapidly and flexibly respond in an optimal way to changing customer demands and economic situations.

Manufacturers have expanded geographically but manufacturing sites continue to function at varying operational levels constraining the optimization of global operations and the associated warehouse management. The ability to orchestrate operations and drive continuous improvement demand a shift in deployment strategies to provide global visibility in addition to specific site visibility. Dynamic build processes and the proliferation of automation systems over the years are preventing standardization across sites, inhibiting manufacturing excellence and rapid scaling of operations to meet changing business demands. Further, the prevalence of paper-based operations is hampering making real-time and informed decision-making.

Digital Manufacturing, Connected Factories, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), in combination with Industry 4.0 technologies, have become central today. These technologies are invaluable in transforming traditional manufacturing and warehouse management to create a Connected Factory with an intelligent, interconnected, and optimized production environment. Such an environment can connect Products, Production Plans, Assets and Supply chains to gain visibility into operations and to control and optimize execution.

HCLTech’s Connected Factory Services cater to the full spectrum of Digital Manufacturing transformation needs. HCLTech offers Consulting, Product Engineering, MES/MOM implementation or migration services, continuous platform upgrades or technology refreshes, and operations support.


Connected Design

Manufacturing Operations Management

MES Process Consulting and Best practices, Product development for bespoke applications, Technology selection consulting, global rollouts and support for commercial MOM Platforms.

Connected Manufacturing

Manufacturing and Plant Automation

Define Automation Strategy, Plan Integration to L2 Automation Systems, Plant Data Modelling and capture, Control System Architecture Migration, DCS/PLC Engineering, SCADA/HMI Development.

Connected Products and Services

Manufacturing Intelligence and Analytics

Measure and manage Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Production reporting, Alerts, process analysis, traceability, and genealogy.

Connected Products and Services

Industrial Cybersecurity

Security Assessment, Strategy Formation, Implementation & Operations support.

Connected Products and Services

Asset Management

Asset Information Management & Analytics, Predictive Monitoring & Remote Management

Connected Products and Services

Business, IT, and OT (Operational Technologies) Integration

Integration from “Sensor to the Board Room”. Integrate L1 and L2 Sensors/DCS/SCADA with manufacturing systems for business impact

Connected Products and Services

Robotics and Cobotics

HCLTech’s Cognitive robotics lab is setup to service various cognitive functionalities in Robot architecture using open-source technologies.

Connected Products and Services

Manufacturing Planning and Simulation

Conduct Manufacturing Planning for capacity, tooling, fixture, and quality. Run Plant Simulations for different scenarios.


Embedded Systems Engineering
  • A lightweight, quick-deployment MES solution developed by HCLTech, and based on a new-gen IoT system. This IoT-enabled Manufacturing Execution System uses the latest IoT technology for quick return on investment by focusing on the most important use cases in manufacturing.
Integrated Manufacturing Analytics
Engineering Design and Mechanical Development
  • Deeper insights into key manufacturing parameters, history, and real-time status of the connected assets in relation to production using Statistical and Deep learning techniques.
Realtime Online Supply Chain Tracking (ROST) – Connected supply chain
Process Transformation
  • ROST uses Machine Learning and Data Analytics to predict the status, timelines and quality of supplier parts and components. The status of supplier parts in real-time and predicted delivery dates reduces the risk of manufacturing.
Plant Data Acquisition Framework
Informed Product Cost Decisions
  • Plant Data Acquisition framework is a standardized method to integrate machines, robots, AGVs, devices at shop floor to MOM using OPC / OPC-UA protocols.
Warehouse Management: E Pick to Light using AR
Autonomous Capabilities
  • Using AR/VR technology deployed on Android based devices, this solution is used for Error Proofing and accurate parts selection in the Warehouse.
Machine Maintenance Scheduling
Interoperability Testing
  • This is a solution which focuses on reducing the overheads for planning plant machine maintenance.