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Accelerating Product Development and Minimizing Cost Pressures for Enterprises

HCLTech’s comprehensive and reliable system engineering services deliver end-to-end product development while effectively mitigating cost pressures and minimizing delays. Our approach ensures that businesses can bring their innovative offerings to market swiftly and efficiently, fostering customer satisfaction and driving growth.

  • Seamless integration of design engineering and manufacturing for shorter time-to-market and lesser R&D investment
  • Our development methodology focuses on manufacturability right from the concept design phase

We have decades of expertise in handling complex and result-oriented projects. We have tie-ups with specialist partners who further enrich our offerings and practices

Accelerating Product Development and Minimizing Cost Pressures for Enterprises

End-to-end Spectrum of Hardware and Systems Engineering Services

From engineering design and manufacturing support to aftermarket services, we partner with our clients to deliver the next generation of connected products, networks and systems.

PCB layout

Expertise in handling high complexity boards up to 32-layer backplane, 40" lane width, rigid-flex PCBs, 800 MHz Bus speeds, 3.2 GHz signal traces, DFx, DFMEA and more.

Value engineering and re-engineering

Our design-to-value offering helps in overall cost optimization and market share expansion. We develop solutions for the obsolescence management of hardware products.

Component engineering

Our complete component care offerings address obsolescence risks, efficient procurement, homologation, and compliance requirements.

High-speed board design

Expertise in board development, module design, full-wave characterization, protocol validation and measurements, debugging and tuning, diagnostics, BSP and Driver development.

Compliance testing and certification

We have an in-house ISO 17025 accredited EMI/ EMC testing laboratory that offers full compliance tests for OEM products.

Low-volume manufacturing and support

We work along with internal/ external partners for rapid prototyping, tool design, assembly line preparation and testing and more.

RF, antenna and mmWave engineering

We have extensive experience in developing custom antenna and radio frequency designs. Our engineering team helps in building new wireless solutions and radio frequency applications.


Leverage Our Industry-leading System and Hardware Engineering Capabilities

We bring together hardware engineering and design talent and diverse experience to deliver value for our clients. With our capabilities and methodologies, we can successfully deliver iconic, industry-changing products.

Next-gen solutions

We offer a complete portfolio of services ranging from concept, design, product development, testing and certification to manufacturer, aftermarket support and developing next-gen solutions.

Rapid time-to-market

We follow domain-specific quality standards and processes and have reusable components to ensure quick time-to-market.

Homegrown tools

Our decades of experience developing first-time-right solutions for our clients are captured in our internal knowledge management repository, "Simplify".

Mature process flow

Our integrated product development lifecycle processes enable clients to realize their concepts at optimized costs and timelines.

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