iDORAN – Intelligent Document Processing

Accelerate transformation with Document Automation

For true digital transformation, all the data needs to be digitalized, automated and integrated, ensuring data accessibility for informed decision-making.

HCLTech iDoRAN™, our document automation solution, utilizes computer vision and text mining capabilities to provide critical business insights, enabling:

  • 95% automated data extraction
  • 20 million pages digitized with 100% text coverage
  • 14000+ documents rebranded with over 90% accuracy
  • 80% reduction in manual data processing efforts
  • 250,000 invoices analyzed with $2.5 M savings recommended

Solutions built with HCLTech iDoRAN™

iDoRAN comes with mature components and accelerators that help improve text and image quality, extract crucial data and assist in automating tasks, saving time, enhancing client experience and optimizing business processes.

Using the iDoRAN components, we have built ready-to-use solutions for multiple industries.

Invoice digitizer

Provides format-independent functionality and supports multi-language

Legal contract extraction

Handles MSA, SOW, extension, parent child mapping and addition of new fields

Engineering document digitization

Comprehends engineering documents, including bubble drawings, bills of materials (BOM), CAD comparisons

Document alteration detection

Detects potential fraud by identifying alterations in both editable and image documents

Insurance claim extraction

Extracts vital data from insurance claims, including policy details, treatment/accidental details, due dates, and amounts


Related Capabilities

Digital enhancer

Enhance image corrector algorithms ensuring better readability and extraction

Digital abstraction

Abstract business data from scanned documents to focus on the important information

Digital extractor

Utilize proprietary capability to extract data from structured or unstructured documents in any source format

Digital classification

Automatically process, group and map extracted data to the destination formats and fields


Develop programmable user interfaces for QA, QC and dashboards

Data enricher

Enrich, validate, normalize and clean information using bots to increase the value of business data

Data insights engine

Retrieve critical business insights from data through predictive, diagnostic and prescriptive techniques

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