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With ever-increasing data volumes, organizations are looking at a scalable, cost-effective, and modern hybrid data ecosystem to gain real-time insights. Enterprises are re-imagining their data fabric and ways of adopting the innovation introduced by public cloud providers. Automating massive amounts of data operations with real-time intelligence and data quality is imperative to drive accurate data-driven decisions and trust.

HCLTech empowers companies with next-generation data engineering and AI services. Our connected data platform comes bundled with accelerators, IPs, state-of-the-art labs, partnerships, and expertise for building and managing large always-on, cloud-driven data platforms to drive analytics, insights, and action.


HCLTech’ data engineering and AI services enables an enterprise’s complete data modernization journey. Our services help design a future-proof data strategy and modernize the data management system to build a hybrid data platform. We also provide support by delivering data operations along with insights and analytics through our ecosystem services.

Our proven solutions and expertise in this space has helped enterprises focus on their core competencies and on growing their business while entrusting us with the challenges that come with highly complex and evolving data technologies and data platform management.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services
  • Define an end-to-end data strategy for the data transformation journey

Data modernization and migration

  • Modernize to next-generation hybrid modern data landscape with our connected data platform

Data marketplace and governance

Process Transformation
  • Enable a collaborative ecosystem to facilitate data democratization in the organization


  • Automate the data management lifecycle to become a data-driven enterprise

AI services

  • Derive intelligent insights enabled by AI/ML, data visualization, and augmented analytics

Use Cases across Industries

Having worked with many fortune-500 companies across the board, HCLTech has immense expertise and experience to create a different combination of workloads driven by innovation, powered by cloud. We enable rapid onboarding of numerous vertical and business-specific use cases onto the digital data platforms to drive connectivity, insights, and intelligent decision making across various industries. No matter where the customers are in their data transformation journey, HCLTech has various value propositions which are a combination of homegrown solutions, commercial off-the-shelf solutions, and relevant experience that enable the customer to realize their goals efficiently and quickly while adding scale.

Some of the key data engineering and AI use cases experienced by our customers in their data transformation journeys are listed below:

digital engineeringISV
  • Data Modernization
  • Embedded analytics
  • SaaS enablement, pay-as-you-go model
  • Usage analytics
digital engineeringConsumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics
  • Connected devices
  • Usage analytics
  • Enhancing customer experience with devices
digital engineeringAutomotive
  • Connected vehicles to improve performance, usage, and CSAT
  • Data Xchange platform to increase collaboration with suppliers
  • Connected designs to enable product intelligence analytics
digital engineeringManufacturing
  • Connected design to enable product intelligence analytics
  • Data Xchange platform to increase collaboration with suppliers
  • Predictive maintenance
digital engineeringTelecom
  • 5G network performance analytics
  • Data modernization enabled by 5G
  • Edge to cloud
digital engineeringMedia and Entertainment
Media and Entertainment
  • AI/ML-based content recommendation and tagging
  • Data modernization resulting from cloud adoption to handle scale
  • Personalized marketing
digital engineeringSemiconductor
  • Predictive maintenance in fabrication to increase yield
  • Product intelligence analytics to reduce new product development (NPD) time
  • Data modernization with cloud adoption
digital engineeringStorage
  • Intelligent storage solution for on-demand capacity planning
  • Data management solution /services to integrate on-premise and cloud environments
digital engineeringMedical Devices
Medical Devices
  • Preventive healthcare enabled by connected devices
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Remote device monitoring and diagnostics
digital engineeringHealthcare
  • Improve clinical efficiency
  • Data Xchange platform
  • Patient-360 solution for patient engagement
  • Preventive healthcare


Our data engineering accelerators are built on deep expertise, best practices, and experience from across industry verticals.


This modern data platform helps to onboard industry-specific use cases by combining the power of cloud-based capabilities (GCP/Azure/AWS) with innovative frameworks and niche partner products to drive innovation at a much faster pace.


AION combines AutoML and data science to offer customers a robust platform for applying machine learning to real-world problems. It provides customers with the capability to rapidly build prototypes for solving business problems.

Data Genie
Data Genie

Data Genie is a data synthesis acceleration tool for generating a variety of data including images, videos, time-series, and tabular. Data being generated is used to mimic the characteristic of real data in cases where data privacy is an issue.

Spotter DQV
Spotter DQV

Spotter DQV is a data quality monitoring solution acquires insights about the data quality issues upfront. It helps improve the quality of the insights, make informed decisions, and reduce resolution turnaround times.


Actian is the fastest modern hybrid data warehouse, which is 50% more cost-effective than Snowflake and bundled with 200+ connectors.


NOESIS is a platform for cognitive solution development and deployment on edge and cloud. It accelerates cognitive (computer vision + natural language) services development for consumer devices.

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