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Data Engineering and AI Services

Harness Data to Unlock Innovation and New Revenue Opportunities

HCLTech’s next-generation Data Engineering and AI services enable enterprises to accelerate digital transformation, unleashing the power of real-time data and advanced analytics to innovate data-centric products, embrace industry 4.0 and effectively leverage disruptive technologies.

A trusted ally for digital transformation initiatives, HCLTech provides a robust data foundation of scalable, speedy and reliable systems that ensure the products, services and operations they support deliver maximum value to every user.


Accelerating Data Modernization and Data-Centric Product Development

Our proven solutions and frameworks are designed to simplify enterprise data modernization and fast-track value creation. This accelerates time-to-market for next-generation data-centric products and services.

Sports Data Analytics Platform

Boost team and business performance with a single AI-enhanced platform and data ecosystem for the entire franchise.

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HCLTech Graviton

Data platform modernization framework that enables enterprises to efficiently build, deploy, monitor and maintain agile and cost-efficient, modern data platforms.

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AI lifecycle management platform for applying machine learning to real-world problems. AION automates the complete data pipeline from raw dataset ingestion to deployable machine learning model with a low-code/no-code approach.

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HCLTech Cognitive Knowledge Assistant (CKA)

A one-stop solution for enterprises embracing GenAI. Pre-bundled with use cases such as chatbot, code generation and summarization. Highly scalable system that features a built-in knowledge graph and integrates with both open-source and SaaS LLMs.

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HCLTech Antares iDL

Modern data platform with integrated components for building scalable industrial data platforms using best-of-breed technologies, designed for the cloud era.

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HCLTech Data Genie

Synthetic data generation for structured and unstructured data. Works for a variety of data types including images, video, time-series and tabular.

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HCLTech Spotter DQV

Data quality monitoring solution for the detection and correction of data quality issues. Uses a standard framework-driven approach for efficiency and leverages advanced ML/DL models for outlier detection, data imputation and variance anomaly.

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HCLTech Elements for Tableau

Enterprise-grade write-back and data annotation. Enables users to comment on and overwrite data directly inside dashboards, accelerating communication around data and improving decision speed and quality.

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Geospatial Intelligence and Data Monetization

Visualize user movements and extract value by generating insights for network optimization and creating monetized data products for additional revenue.

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Service Offerings

AI and ML services

  • ML and NLP services
  • MLOps
  • Computer vision
  • Deep learning
  • Data visualization and augmented analytics
  • Generative AI services
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Data engineering consulting

  • Data modernization roadmap
  • Data engineering platform selection
  • Analytics enablement
  • AI strategy development
  • AI/ML operationalization
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Data modernization and migration

  • Cloud data engineering services
  • Modern data pipelines
  • Cloud data migration services
  • Data lakes
  • Cloud data platforms
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Data marketplace and governance

  • Data exchanges and marketplaces
  • Data quality and stewardship
  • Data literacy
  • Data cataloging
  • Data mesh
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  • Data platform maintenance
  • Data observability platform
  • Data pipelines support
  • Data application support
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