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Pushing the Boundaries with Immersive Experiences

Digital reality is one of the fastest growing markets, as organizations across industries increasingly adopt XR technologies across a diverse range of applications across industries such as

  • Entertainment
  • E-commerce and retail
  • Education and training
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical and healthcare

We bring experience and capabilities across a various industries building customized solutions and services tailored to your needs. We provide end-to-end services at all the stages of your transformation journey – from product development, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and sales as well as servicing and maintenance.


Accelerating Your Vision to Reality

Our flexible platform approach leverages our innovative solution frameworks, cross-device expertise, and specialized skilled resources to accelerate XR (AR-VR-MR) application development across use cases and solution landscapes.

End-to-end capabilities

End-to-end capabilities

We excel in XR development, featuring usability specialist (UX), UI designer, visual designer, 3D modeler and poly sculptor, animation specialist, and unity developer.

Unparalleled flexibility

Unparalleled flexibility

We offer flexible development platforms for game engine-based grounds-up development, quick authoring using AR platforms and remote AR adoption.

Device-agnostic support

Device-agnostic support

We work with devices like VR headsets (Oculus, Vive), AR headsets (Smart glasses: Realwear, mobile and tablet AR: Android and iOS), MR headsets (Microsoft HoloLens).


Supercharging Experiences with Our Comprehensive Service Offerings

XR Applications

Powering Immersive Experiences across Industries


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