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Bringing High Reliability and Quality to Product Testing

Electronic and embedded devices require overwhelming testing capacities. Regular product revisions lead to significant code coverage reduction, inducing device instabilities. HCLTech eDAT (Electronic Device Automation Testing) is a highly customizable framework for automated testing of electronic and embedded devices.

  • Enables test automation using a black box approach through hardware and software interface accelerators
  • Customizes physical interaction with the device under test to simplify the automation process
Bringing High Reliability and Quality to Product Testing

Boost Your Test Cycle Efficiency with Us

eDAT testing framework optimizes test infrastructure and personnel productivity while reducing defect leakage and test cycle time by up to 50%.

High coverage

HCLTech eDAT delivers high coverage (~ 50-60%) while enabling faster time-to-market.

Unparallel flexibility

Customized to fit to your specific environment and test requirements.

Maximized return on investment

Ensures optimal return on investment as one HCLTech eDAT setup supports multiple devices-under-test.

Robust testing evidence

Offers objective testing evidence in reports and pinpoints defects thereby allowing faster troubleshooting.


Related Capabilities

Vision based testing

Supports GUI display content verification through non-invasive and invasive display capturing approach.

Optical character recognition

Supports multi-lingual testing text verification available in geo-specific application, support available for 60+ languages including Chinese and Japanese.

Video testing

Supports reference and reference less video testing.

Audio/ Speech

Supports audio input simulation for accessibility testing and audio output verification from speakers.

Remote testing

Provides the remote connectivity for automation testing of devices available on-site or cloud.


Provides support for testing any wired or wireless communication protocols.

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We offer a personalized approach to device testing, enabling ease of adoption with on-demand scalability.