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Transforming Industries with Intelligent and Immersive Digital Twins
Accelerating Enterprise Digital Twin Adoption

Powering Connected Phygital Experiences

Digital Twins are connected virtual replicas of physical products, assets and processes that integrate real-time behavioral data captured from IoT sensors and devices to replicate the state of the physical world. By implementing digital twins across products, assets and production process, enterprises can:

  • Accelerate product development
  • Optimize asset and plant operations
  • Improve decision-making and root-cause analysis
  • Achieve sustainable business outcomes

HCLTech’s Digital Twin services can assist you in realizing the full potential of your assets and production processes by sensing and analyzing operational data in real time, leveraging it for AI/ML-based smarter insights and extending it to engineering, design and manufacturing applications.

Powering Connected Phygital Experiences

HCLTech’s Digital Twin services
deliver consequential business

Enterprises across verticals can harness the power of digital twins to simulate, monitor and predict product and asset performance, leading to informed decision-making.

As a globally recognized leader in Digital Twin services, we have experience delivering end-to-end digital twin solutions to help our clients improve process efficiencies, reduce downtime, enhance productivity and drive sustainable growth.


Improved productivity with end-to-end automation


Reduction in maintenance costs


Reduction in asset down-time due to lower MTTR (mean time to resolve) on field issues


Increased product performance


Harnessing the Power of Digital Twins across Verticals

Our Digital Twin services address a wide range of industry use cases across verticals to support your enterprise digital transformation journey. We foster a digital ecosystem through our established partnerships with OEMs, hyperscalers, digital technology players, startup, academia, industry forums and consortiums. We are a one-stop partner with end-to-end digital twin solutions for all industry needs thanks to our in-depth domain expertise and strategic investments in innovation laboratories and technology CoEs.

Digital Twin Consulting

Digital twin consulting

Enabling enterprises to assess their existing assets, processes and products, establish a roadmap and blueprint with a well-defined digital hierarchy and architecture and address IoT sensor requirements.

Build and Transformation Services

Build and transformation services

Empowering enterprises to design, develop and deploy customized digital twin solutions. We support key activities like digital twin content creation, digital twin app development, IoT dashboard creation and IT/OT/ET integration.

Operations Management and Support

Operations management and support

Helping enterprises streamline and automate their run and support process to manage digital twin operations and optimize value across all touchpoints in their digital twin lifecycle.


Digital Twin Solution Accelerators



End-to-end asset management solution to improve asset performance and reduce downtime via predictive maintenance

Enterprise Connectivity and Collaboration (ECCO)

Enterprise Connectivity and Collaboration (ECCO)

A digital thread framework for visibility and traceability of context-specific information across the enterprise



A monitoring and diagnostics solution to enable predictive maintenance and deliver battery life prediction for electric vehicles (EVs)



An Extended Reality (XR) lifecycle management platform for accelerated development and implementation of custom XR solutions and use cases at enterprise-scale

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Cognitive twin solution to predict the dynamics of mid-term and short-term supply-chain decisions for sourcing resilience and visibility.


Digital Twin Solution Accelerators

Awards and Recognitions

HCLTech positioned as a Leader in Everest Group’s Digital Twin Services PEAK Matrix Assessment 2022 | HCLTech

HCLTech positioned as Leader in Avasant AR/VR/XR Services 2022 RadarView™ | HCLTech

HCLTech positioned as a Leader in Avasant Manufacturing Digital Services 2022-2023 RadarView™


Case Studies

Get the HCLTech Advantage for your digital twin adoption.

We offer complete portfolio of Digital Twin services and solutions to help enterprises enhance agility and stay ahead in the competitive landscape by leveraging our end-to-end lifecycle support, proven expertise across all leading industry vertical, strategic investment in labs for pioneering industry leading solutions, technology CoEs and domain-specific solution accelerators, strong partner ecosystem, and our integrated solution capabilities. We have all that it takes to accelerate your digital twin journey!

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Get the HCLTech Advantage for your digital twin adoption

The HCLTech Advantage

End-to-end capabilities

Our solutions and offerings cover all types of digital twins (product twins, asset twins and plant twins) and are spread across all digital twin functions, including consulting, design, implementation and maintenance.

Proven industry expertise

We have experience spanning the entire product lifecycle and spread across 10+ industry verticals including energy and utilities, automotive and aerospace.

Strategic investments

We have made significant investments in dedicated engineering as well as Industry 4.0 labs, technology CoEs and domain-specific solution accelerators for swift adoption and seamless integration of enterprise digital twin solutions.

Digital twin partnership ecosystem

Our consultative approach towards digital twin implementation combined with our strategic partnerships with OEMs, hyperscalers, digital technology players, startups, academia, forums and consortiums helps drive consequential business value.

Integrated solution capabilities

We bring proven expertise in enterprise IT and engineering services. Our capabilities and tailored services in product lifecycle management (PLM), digital manufacturing, digital engineering and Industry 4.0 can be leveraged to stitch together a truly integrated solution.


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