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The need for flexibility, scalability, and reliability while migrating to cloud is absolutely imperative for any modern enterprise. HCL’s innovative cloud-inception framework helps establish, adopt and manage complex and hybrid IT environments, combining aspects of people, process, and technology. We are a premier consulting partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and our skills and expertise in delivering (AWS) cloud-based products help enterprises plan for digital transformation and embark on a cloud native journey.

As an AWS partner we provide end-to-end AWS Managed Services and AWS operations through ElasticOps. We also offer a seamless purchasing experience on the AWS Marketplace with HCL AWS CPPO. We provide best-in-class services for cloud enablement and management by investing significantly in training and certifying AWS architects, associates and 24/7 global delivery resources. As an AWS Outposts Launch Partner and a certified AWS DevOps Competency Partner, we drive customer outcomes at scale by workload and application re-architecting and deliver customer outcomes at scale for a smooth digital transformation journey.

HCL’s differentiated service delivery model combined with various AWS cloud products makes this partnership a match made in cloud computing heaven. While AWS provides the building blocks for the cloud journey, HCL offers comprehensive and innovative cloud solutions for AWS migration, enabling our clients to become cloud native enterprises.

HCL-AWS Partnership



Achieving the AWS SAP Competency differentiates HCL as an AWS Partner that provides specialized demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success with specific focus on SAP Workloads.


This Competency has cemented HCL's position as a differentiated AWS partner that provides focused consulting, continuous integration & continuous delivery, monitoring, logging and performance management, and infrastructure as code services.


HCL has a proven track record of delivering large-scale legacy migrations to AWS cloud and our migration capabilities are aligned with the current best practices.

MSP Partner

Attaining AWS MSP status is the acknowledgement of HCL’s knowledge and skills, business practices, and comprehensive management lifecycle capabilities that align with AWS standards.


Achieving the AWS Storage Competency differentiates HCL’s domain expertise in the following core storage categories – Backup & Recovery, Primary Storage, Archive, or Business Continuance/Disaster Recovery (BCDR), with innovative technology and solutions that leverage AWS services.


HCL and AWS Enabling Cloud Journeys Together

HCL and AWS - Enabling Cloud Journeys Together

HCL and AWS Joint Solutions and Offerings

To know more about HCL AWS offerings, write to us at awscloud@hcl.com