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Recipe for hyper automated digital transformation journeys

There has been a radical change in the way Information Technology is perceived by the enterprise and the business and more so in recent times in the wake of Covid-19. With digital transformation becoming mainstream, automation and AI are set to play a pivotal role in enabling organizations to reimagine and optimize their existing business processes. BPM/BPA with its highly evolved level of sophistication has made it a lot easier to streamline/automate processes across a variety of systems and technologies. It has been a key driver & instrumental in providing flexibility, business agility, improved efficiency & enabling business value realization by multi-fold. And with the growth in disruptive technologies and the consequent digital trends, the expectation from the business or the enterprise has made a ten-fold leap. The disruptive nature of digital trends challenges enterprises to interact with customers and users directly and assist them with their needs and demands. This paper analyses how Workato, an LCNC iPaaS and an intelligent automation platform, can complement enterprise platforms and vertical industry solutions, thus augmenting the overall automation capabilities of both while making the combination more potent than these individual platforms and solutions.

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