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Lithuania, the country with the highest GDP per capita growth in the European Union since 2000, has transitioned to a market economy that has the largest Information and Communications Technology industry in the Baltic States with an outstanding potential for both local as well as foreign businesses. With an eye on harnessing the rapidly changing business ecosystem across the globe, HCLTech has exponentially expanded its operations in Continental Europe over the last decade, and is now growing its presence in Lithuania to help build next-gen enterprises and drive sustained profitable growth and superior customer experience globally.

HCLTech began its operations within Lithuania in 2016 and has now evolved its business into end to end network, data center, cloud, and digital services. HCLTech provides technology-led digital workplace and automation capability services globally to more than a 100 Fortune 500 and G2000 clients across industries, and will leverage these capabilities to lead the way and transform the business landscape in this geography. Lithuania, a country full of ambition, energy, skill, young talent, and a rapidly growing startup ecosystem, is now leveraged as HCLTech’s next-gen global delivery center to provide services in emerging technologies—digital technologies, cloud, machine learning, IT infrastructure, FinTech, etc.—to not only enhance customer experience but to continue investment and promotion of localization with a people-centric strategy for the region.

Intrinsic to HCLTech’s DNA are the ideals of trust, transparency, and value-centricity. It is through these ideals that HCLTech plans on growing in the region, spearheading new-age research and technology innovation. Currently, HCLTech employs 398* employees in Lithuania with more than 85% local talent, and is one of the leading technology companies in the region to focus on inclusiveness.

Committed to the region, HCLTech is now investing in two state-of-the-art global delivery centers in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, to offer innovative services with the depth of our technological capabilities and innovative approach.

*Data as of July 28, 2021

Key Engagement

An F500 British multinational investment bank and financial services company

An F500 British multinational investment bank and financial services company

End-to-end across workplace services, data center and cloud services, network services, and automation collaboration powered by our global prowess in digital technology, cloud, machine learning, IT infrastructure, FinTech for an F500 British multinational investment bank and financial services company.

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