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Romania is a popular nearshore location in Eastern Europe, chosen because of the availability of qualified talent, residents who speak a wide range of foreign languages, labor arbitrage opportunities and lower costs—these reasons make Romania a preferred destination for IT/BPO services. To this effect, HCL has expanded its presence in Iasi, a major Eastern Romanian city, to deliver world-class global business services that focus on digital shared services covering multiple industries. By doing this, HCL provides language, talent and cost-advantage benefits to customers in this region.

Being one of the leading technology companies globally, HCL has been a partner of choice for many companies in this region. HCL’s services spectrum in this region includes Automated Product Support, Remote Technical and Expert Support, Sales & Marketing Support and Account Management services. These services are delivered by leveraging state-of-the-art digital technologies such as Process Consulting, Robotic Process Automation, AI/ML and Analytics, which, in turn, results in greater operational efficiency, automation and enhanced service levels for customers in this region.

HCL nurtures the local talent by investing in training and talent development programs to build skills needed for the digital age. Currently, HCL employs close to 555* employees in Iasi, and with a large local and diverse presence in a competitive services landscape, HCL has not only strengthened its global presence but has also expanded its knowledge services portfolio in the region, backed by multilingual capability.

*Data as of July 28, 2021

Services In Romania

Automated Product Support

Remote Technical and Expert Support

Sales and Marketing support

Account Management services

Technologies In Romania

Process consulting

Robotic Process Automation

AI/ML and Analytics

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Key Engagement

A Fortune 500 American Global Corporation

Digital global shared services @ scale covering multiple enterprise functions powered by digital technologies like RPA, AI/ML and Analytics across front, middle and back office operations for a F500 American global corporation.


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