Actian DataConnect -Built For Hybrid Integration | HCLTech

As the move to the cloud continues apace, and as the number of dynamic endpoints explode with the advent of mobile applications and IoT, the impact on integration requirements have been profound. The fast-changing landscape demands that data-driven organizations embrace a flexible, hybrid approach to integration with a focus on the Adoption, Integration and Agility.  
DataConnect helps you Connect to every part of your business and endpoints, including SaaS and on-premises, Improve time-to-value with rapid integration, Future-proof your investment with a “build once, deploy anywhere” model that delivers the same user experience in the cloud and on- premises, Gain enterprise-grade security, agility, and scale without compromising ease-of-use,Shorten learning times for both integration specialists and business users with simple architecture and modern, low-code IDE. . Read our Actian Integration Product Family brochure for better understanding of our products and capabilities.