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Leading technology and services company re-energizes its business

HCLTech augments global web operations and professional service capabilities for this world-leading US tech company.
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5 min read

This world-leading US tech company offers products and services for energy and water resource management. It supports nearly 8,000 customers in over 100 countries and has more than 21 manufacturing facilities worldwide.

The company, whose products measure and manage electricity, gas, water and thermal energy, turned to HCLTech to address pain points, key business requirements and process limitations. 

HCLTech performed a supply chain maturity assessment, working with the client to analyze the company’s business requirements, capabilities, dependencies and relevant KPIs. HCLTech then developed a phased capability roadmap that would lead the company to its desired future state.

The Challenge

Capacity constraints and unrealistic production plans

The company looked to HCLTech to assist with several business challenges. One challenge was the company’s inability to create a realistic production plan due to lack of visibility into availability of WIP materials and capacity constraints that led to production disruptions and poor customer service levels.

The company was also dealing with supply chain silos, a lack of collaboration and integration with suppliers, and an inability to simulate and validate changes in supply/demand, all of which created knowledge gaps between teams.

In addition, the customer was struggling to keep up with a large number of customer inquiries, which caused the company to lose business opportunities.

The customer’s fourth challenge was the inability to perform cost vs margin analysis to reprioritize orders, which resulted in inadequate profit margins.

The Challenge

The Objective

A phased future-state capability roadmap

Through several meetings and workshops, HCLTech and the client created a plan to:

  • Determine the value of each business capability
  • Understand enterprise-wide systems and business pain points
  • Define, analyze and prioritize business requirements based on complexity, value delivered and ease of implementation
  • Assess supply chain maturity and develop a value-driven roadmap
The Challenge

The Solution

Identification and prioritization

Through its analysis, HCLTech developed a solution to meet the client’s business requirements.

The deliverables included a business requirements document that identifies and maps requirements to key functional areas and system capabilities, identifies key data and process dependencies, incorporates industry best practices and prioritizes requirements based on MoSCoW analysis.

HCLTech also delivered a supply chain maturity assessment and a KPI analysis/matrix and business value assessment that recommends process changes.

The final deliverable was a multi-phased business capability roadmap that incorporates management of systems, processes, data and change.

The Impact

Energizing the company’s future

The client has seen tremendous positive impacts through its partnership with HCLTech. Some highlights include:

  • Insights from HCLTech analyses enable the company to develop a realistic production plan leading to full flexibility in responding to supply chain changes in real time and improved customer service levels
  • The ability to make and deliver on customer order promises, resulting in revenue increases
  • Clear visibility into WIP materials availability and inventory optimization across all factories and supplier facilities
  • Improved ability to perform cost vs margin analysis and maximize profits by reprioritizing customer orders


Thanks to its partnership with HCLTech, this a technology company offering products and services for energy and water resource management has re-energized its own resources and is looking at a bright future.