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HCL ArchiveNxt Powered by Dell EMC ECS

Unstructured data is flooding into business systems from sources such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 4G, sensors and cameras, and much more. To manage that data and get the greatest value from it, data must be classified and stored quickly and securely in a system that enables it to be used when and where needed — or easily retrieved later. Smart data archival is the answer. A smart data archival strategy is a strategic imperative and a competitive differentiator that helps clients be more efficient while optimizing their total cost of ownership (TCO).

HCLTech ArchiveNxt is a managed archival-as-a-service solution that helps our clients overcome the challenges of managing the high influx of unstructured data. With ArchiveNxt, they can meet next-generation data expectations with smart file analytics and smart data archival and disposition. Built on the Dell EMC ECS enterprise-grade object storage platform, ArchiveNxt is powered by advanced file analytics, offering multi-tier data classification based on criticality and activity