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Experience-based advisory and consulting for ZTNA implementation

Your corporate network edge is protected by a strong secure border firewall. The company is safe behind the moat and walls. Nothing else to worry about, right? Unfortunately, the old security model of castle, walls and moats, is no longer sufficient for today’s network security threats. The idea of trusted inside and untrusted outside is outdated and needs to be completely reimagined. Malicious attackers are aware of the old security model that once inside all is trusted. Hence they are taking advantage by moving laterally from device to device until they find the weakest link. The new directive of security is to trust no one and nothing, inside or outside.

The challenge is how to get there, and the investment required. How do you migrate your security approach without introducing additional burdens to an already overwhelmed user base?

Know how HCLTech Fortius cybersecurity consulting provides a proven framework with a results-driven approach by leveraging our best practices in key areas encompassing business and technical objectives/processes – all in an effort to derive the most value out of the solution for current and future needs.