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5G Empowered Theme Parks

5G, the network of machines is playing a drastic role in changing the image of theme parks across the globe. To enhance visitor’s experience 5G could be utilized in several stages in a theme park. Namely; Theme park entrance, where 5G IR Camera Based Facial Recognition can be used for Check-in/out. Rides, where VR enabled Ride experience can be used. Recreation, where video walls can be used for Streaming Content using ultra-fast 5G. Engineering and Maintenance, where 5G uRLLC driven Predictive Maintenance of Rides & Equipment can be used. In park store experience, where Real-Time Inventory Management with 5G eMBB can be used.

5G MEC Architecture for a Theme Park components include; cloud RAN, CLOUD OSS & BSS, NGC Core, Network slicing. Mobile Edge Compute is a very hot topic these days, bringing devices closer to network is the phenomenon that been introduced to improve the latency, minimize the radio losses.

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