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About HCLTech

About HCLTech

HCLTech is a next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age. Our technology products and services are built on four decades of innovation, with a world-renowned management philosophy, a strong culture of invention and risk-taking, and a relentless focus on customer relationships. HCLTech also takes pride in its many diversity, social responsibility, sustainability, and education initiatives. Through its worldwide network of R&D facilities and co-innovation labs, global delivery capabilities, and over 219,000 ‘Ideapreneurs’ across 60 countries, HCLTech delivers holistic services across industry verticals to leading enterprises, including 250 of the Fortune 500 and 650 of the Global 2000.

HCLTech offers an integrated portfolio of products and services through three business units. These are IT and Business Services (ITBS), Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), and Products and Platforms (P&P).

The company’s DNA of grassroots innovation, its ingrained culture of co-innovation, and its tradition of going far beyond what is expected to create customer value, clearly differentiate it and gives it a distinct advantage in creating value for businesses in the digital and connected world.

About HCLTech

$13.4 billion








Enterprising journey of the HCLTech Group


HCLTech creates PC, 6 months before IBM

HCLTech 8C was born, India’s first indigenous computer. Built it at the same time as Apple.

HCLTech creates PC, 6 months before IBM


HCLTech invents RDBMS

Indigenously develops Relational Database Management System, to help manage large volumes of data.

HCLTech invents RDBMS


HCLTech introduces NUS to UNIX

Develops India’s first Unix based computer, delivering multi-platform capabilities to the users.

HCLTech introduces NUS to UNIX


HCLTech invents symmetric processor

Develops Magnum – a symmetric multi-processor system, bringing benefits of Unix to small businesses.

HCLTech invents symmetric processor


HCLTech ties up with HP

JV with HP helps HCLTech build its R&D skills and make mainframes affordable for everyone.

HCLTech ties up with HP


HCLTech digitizes National Stock Exchange

Digitized the National Stock Exchange and made it more transparent and accessible.

HCLTech digitizes National Stock Exchange


HCLTech ties up with Nokia

Leveraging its vast distribution network for Nokia to help build the Indian mobile market.

HCLTech ties up with Nokia


HCLTech sells 1,00,000 PCs

First Indian company to achieve this democratizing power of technology.

HCLTech sells 1,00,000 PCs


HCLTech builds up RIM business

Providing remote backend services, helping businesses focus on their core competence.

HCLTech builds up RIM business


HCLTech helps launch Dreamliner 787

By providing comprehensive, through-the-line support across both the software and hardware.

HCLTech helps launch Dreamliner 787


HCLTech begins IBM Partnership on Platforms and IP

Builds features, functions on existing IBM platforms & products and hybrid & public cloud SaaS platforms.

HCLTech begins IBM Partnership on Platforms and IP


HCLTech supports Volvo Ocean Race

Providing end-to-end solutions for sailing’s greatest round the world challenge running over 8 months.

HCLTech supports Volvo Ocean Race


HCLTech makes the biggest IT deal with IBM

Buys select IBM software products in the biggest IP deal by an Indian IT firm, worth $1.8Billion.

HCLTech makes the biggest IT deal with IBM


HCLTech extends its 12+ partnership with Fonterra

HCLTech extends its partnership with Fonterra to bring its IT infrastructure services under one umbrella.

HCLTech extends its 12+ partnership with Fonterra

HCLTech in Taiwan

HCLTech started its journey in Taiwan in 2017 to deliver holistic technology solutions to organizations across the Financial services, Manufacturing, Semiconductor and High-Tech industries.In June 2021, HCLTech appointed Terry Tai as the Country Sales Head to lead and drive HCLTech’s business operations in the country. HCLTech’s deep domain expertise and next-gen technologies rightly caters to the needs of enterprises and makes it the partner of choice in Taiwan.

HCLTech in Taiwan

Our Services

HCLTech Taiwan is committed to deliver technological solutions to fortune 500 clients across several industry verticals including Manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Retail, Banking, Financial Service, Insurance (BFSI), Energy & Utilities, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Engineering And R&D ServicesEngineering And R&D Services

Engineering And R&D Services

  • Product Engineering
  • Platform Engineering
  • Operational Technology
  • Next-Gen Engineering
Cybersecurity & GRCCybersecurity & GRC

Cybersecurity & GRC

  • Identity & Access Management
  • Application & Infrastructure Security
  • Governance Risk & Compliance
  • Data Security & Privacy
Digital & AnalyticsDigital & Analytics

Digital & Analytics

  • Digital Consulting
  • Digital Applications & Platforms
  • Data & Analytics
Cloud nativeCloud native

Cloud native

  • Cloud Consulting
  • Industry Cloud Solutions
  • SaaS Service
  • Hybrid cloud Platform
Core IT/AppsCore IT/Apps

Core IT/Apps

  • QA/Test Automation
  • ADM Services
  • Enterprise Applications
Digital process operationsDigital process operations

Digital process operations

  • IoT
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer vision
  • Robotic Process Automation(RPA)

Key Engagements

Leading Global Consumer Tech Company

Leading Global Consumer Tech Company

HCLTech is partner for leading consumer tech company, supporting launch of new products and SW releases through multiple engineering services such as software engineering and product testing.

HCLTech Taiwan employee benefits

Competitive salary and benefitsCompetitive salary and benefits

  • Annual salary review
  • Local Conveyance benefit for official use, as applicable
  • Salary Advance benefit
  • Shift, On-call and OT allowance
  • Communication Allowance
  • Global Tuition Assistance Program
  • Technical Certification benefit
  • Referral benefits

Career progression and employee developmentCareer progression and employee development

  • Career in advanced technologies
  • Opportunity to serve G2000 and Fortune 500 global organizations
  • Technical trainings for in-demand and hot technologies
  • Rewards and Recognitions

Fostering work-life balanceFostering work-life balance

  • Public Holiday entitlement in line with the Government’s directive.
  • 15 to a maximum of 30 annual leaves (subject to years of service)
  • Up to 30 sick leaves a year (15 days fully paid leave and 15 days half-pay)
  • Flexible working hours wherever possible
  • Telecommuting / Work from home wherever possible

Making healthcare a priorityMaking healthcare a priority

  • Annual Physical Examination
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • On-site Doctor and Nurse Consultation
  • EWC benefits
  • Global Employee Resource Groups’ support

Statutory insurance/ retirementStatutory insurance/ retirement

  • Labor Insurance
  • National Health
  • Entitlement to Labor Pension Scheme on retirement

Supplementary medical and term lfe insuranceSupplementary medical and term lfe insurance

  • Term Life, Accident Death & Dismemberment, Critical Illness and Medical Reimbursement (includes Hospital & Surgical and Outpatient)
  • Extended Medical Coverage Program for dependents in India
  • Travel Insurance Benefit

HCLTech’s unique
ideapreneurship culture

Innovation has and will continue to be the force that propels us into the future, and this is most true for the tech industry, as without fresh ideas, there will be no new technology developed to serve humanity in the years to come.

This is why, our employees are our most valuable assets. We believe that every employee has the potential to come up with new products, services, and solutions and thanks to collaborative technologies—doing so has never been easier. The concept of employee innovation is not a new one, but being able to scale it seamlessly across a global company in today’s dynamic and agile world definitely is.

Innovation is at the core of our DNA. Since 1976, thousands of ideas have been suggested by employees at all levels. And when people know they have a voice, we thrive not only as an organization but as human beings too. At HCLTech, we call this culture of innovation Ideapreneurship.
Ideapreneurship is based on the fundamental belief of inverting the organizational pyramid and engaging, enabling, and empowering everyone at all levels within the organization. The employees are challenged to think, look within and look into the future, to come up with solutions for operational and business challenges.

Ideaprenuership values

HCLTech (Taiwan) Ltd

Our office in Taiwan

HCL Technologies (Taiwan) Limited,
Regus – Taipei, Hsin Ji, 18/F, No. 460, Sec-4,
信義路 Xinyi District, Taipei City,
11052 Taiwan