HCLTech Rated as Leaders in ISG AWS Ecosystem Partners 2022 study | HCLTech
HCLTech Rated as Leaders in ISG AWS Ecosystem Partners 2022 study

In this ISG Provider Lens™ quadrant study, ISG includes the following six quadrants: AWS Consulting Services, AWS Data Analytics and Machine Learning, AWS Internet of Things (IoT) Services, AWS SAP Workloads, AWS Migration Services and AWS Managed Services. For the US region, HCLTech has been rated as a Leader in all six quadrants.

AWS Managed Services - HCLTech’s ACloud Services Factory automates processes and platforms to enable organizations to plan, execute and support modernization.

AWS SAP Workloads - HCLTech capitalizes on the advantages of running SAP applications on AWS to enable businesses to be more agile, cost-effective and secure. For instance, Amazon EC2 X1 and X1e instances can support memory-intensive applications such as SAP HANA.

AWS Data Analytics and Machine Learning - HCLTech’s uses AWS for everyday customer experience enhancement, real-time speech-to-text conversion, NLP, translation, and recommendation, all of which are managed over a serverless architecture. The main solutions used are Lex, Transcribe, CloudWatch, CloudTrail and CloudFormation.

AWS Internet of Things (IoT) Services - HCLTech uses AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Analytics to handle supply chain operations to deliver transformational benefits such as reduced losses, cost control and improved customer satisfaction rates.

AWS Migration Services - HCLTech’s Cloud Works platform focuses on the possibilities of automation to hasten and ease the deployment and management of microservices applications.

AWS Consulting Services - HCLTech’s AWS business unit leverages an innovative cloud inception framework. This helps establish, adopt and manage complex and hybrid IT environments, combining people, advisory services, processes and technologies, making HCLTech AWS’s Premier consulting partner.


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