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Rethinking cloud to accelerate business outcomes

In the pre-pandemic world, the urge for digital transformation had made several businesses cloud dependent. But the pandemic has now made cloud transition a necessity to become resilient and drive business value with cloud. Naturally, this has forced companies to rethink their cloud strategies and realize ways through which they can focus both on the technological as well as process engineering aspect of cloud journey, while navigating the cloud-transition challenges posed by the new-age global crisis.

As organizations embark on the cloud journey to drive business value through customer centricity, capacity flexibility, data-driven insights, improved service levels and so on, it is also critical for organizations to focus on agility and innovation empowered by extreme automation. This can help them facilitate quick transformations based on immediate requirements and enable emerging technologies such as AI/ML, Edge Computing, Blockchain among others.

Read the infographic to get a bird's eye view of market trends on the benefits, usage and future of Hybrid Cloud in Managed Cloud Services.