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Device as a Service: Foundation of scalable workplace

March 25, 2022
Rakshit Ghura


Rakshit Ghura
Senior Vice President & Global Head - Digital Workplace Services
Tonya Quarles


Tonya Quarles
Vice President, Workforce Solutions Group
March 25, 2022


From entertainment to fitness, subscription-based models have increasingly become part

of our home and working lives. Changing habits, increased mobility, and a shift toward a more circular economy are prompting many different sectors to consider subscription models. In enterprise IT, mobility trends intensified by COVID-19 and a tougher economic climate have now created the perfect storm for devices to become part of the as-a-service spiel.

With the hybrid workplace becoming the new normal, the definition of a place of business has evolved to mean wherever the right opportunity arises. This new freedom from the constraints of a physical location is opening a world of possibility for organizations — and some significant challenges as well. For instance, if an organization’s operations rely on a remote or geographically dispersed workforce, who ensures that the employees have the optimum computing resources and capabilities? What steps can be taken to prevent security risks from derailing their performance in a hybrid workplace? How can business owners, executives, and managers foster a dynamic business environment with a constantly changing profile of devices, locations, and connectivity?

Device as a Service: An indispensable, secure business solution 

Device as a Service (DaaS) is far more than a drop-and-run service. It includes a robust service wrap, including device procurement and configuration, ongoing maintenance, and support. For example, firmware updates, refreshes, and upgrades as well as device security with the secure wiping of devices before they head back into the resale market. DaaS takes away the complexity of monitoring and managing thousands of devices from the often over-stretched internal IT teams. In other words, it can reduce complexity in the workplace by taking care of everything from devices, operating systems, productivity applications to ongoing management, monitoring, and security.

HCLTech and Dell Technologies have partnered together to provide an end-to-end integrated solution combining best of devices and a comprehensive set of services with the right flexibility to deliver a future-ready managed workplace.

HCLTech FlexSpace, powered by Dell Technologies, is the industry’s first Experience- as-a-Service offering that delivers out-of-the-box persona-aligned experiences to ensure that users are productive from day one itself. It provides a broad range of devices with built-in AI solution that learns and adapts to the way employees work so that they can be most productive with capabilities such as faster sign-in, improved application performance, and battery run time with the best network connectivity. It has unique capability around automation, predictive analytics, and enhanced security both above and below the OS. To protect against the constant and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks we layer on integrated software and services solutions to harden the attack surface. This provides visibility into your endpoint security from the BIOS to the cloud. It has intrinsic risk mitigation provisions with modern lifecycle hub services to support the organizations even in the shaken supply chain. FlexSpace is a highly customizable consumption model that can be granularly tailored to best fit the needs of the businesses.

With FlexSpace, HCLTech and Dell are enabling digital dexterity by synthesizing their core competencies to deliver DaaS. A unique position to address the plethora of challenges that enterprises face as they pivot to a new digital workplace model that focuses on optimally enabling employees, irrespective of their location. Jointly we’ve created an enhanced workspace experience with the right flexibility and a strong security posture. This also demonstrates unwavering commitment to aspirational environmental and sustainability goals.

As many organizations are aware, the depth and breadth of Dell Technologies’ device offerings range from the classic desktop PC to ruggedized, commercialized point-of-sale systems, and devices that meet the ever-increasing expectations of work. Whether your workers are in the office, at home, on a mountain, or an oil rig mile offshore, or my favorite – the beach, Dell Technologies has the devices and hardware for your needs.

Users are experiencing unprecedented freedoms and new complexities in their professional dynamics. Dell is providing a complete solution for this new work from anywhere era. Meeting these new business needs and expectations requires the persona aligned range of devices, with the best software and services. Dell offers the broadest range of intelligent business PCs in the industry. Our built-in artificial intelligence (AI) adapts to the way you work, wherever you work. You can choose the exact devices and accessories you need to meet the requirements of each end-user, with modern PC designs and flexible form factors.

Dell Technologies-trusted devices allow your employees to work confidently from anywhere with the industry’s most secure commercial PCs.

With our joint offering, enterprises can do the following:

  • Equip employees with the right devices with OOBE experience
  • Achieve a TCO reduction of 30%
  • Speed up your deployment time by an average of three business days, with less time spent provisioning or getting devices ready for new employees
  • Improve employee experience by predictive analytics
  • Improve TAT with assured time-bound delivery
  • Built-in flexibility to flex up or down as per business needs

The unmatched choice and capabilities of Dell Technologies hardware, combined with the enterprise-ready provisioning and support of HCLTech, gives you an end-to-end collaboration that covers the full lifecycle services. DaaS is a critical foundation to ensure that your organization optimize business agility, productivity, and growth no matter where their workforce is located.

Foundation of #scalableworkplace with Device-as-a-Service with HCLTech and Dell.

Making ‘workplace anywhere’ a reality 

There’s no doubt that DaaS is a game-changer. Together, HCLTech and Dell Technologies make it easy for businesses of any size to reap its benefits. Our goal is to provide a true ‘as a service’ consumption model uniquely suited to deliver an experience-centric, customizable, and secure workplace for the unfolding future. For enterprises looking to reimagine their workplace operations and capabilities for the new normal, DaaS will be the right strategy to ensure that workplace anywhere becomes a reality for their business.

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