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LibreSpace: Empowering hybrid workforce with workspace-as-a-service solutions

March 02, 2022
Rakshit Ghura


Rakshit Ghura
Senior Vice President & Global Head - Digital Workplace Services
Piyush Shrivastava


Piyush Shrivastava
Director Global Systems Integrator Sales
March 02, 2022


Enterprises today cannot envision the future of work without acknowledging the advent of virtual workspaces. Such environments and their ecosystem of solutions have effectively laid the foundation of the new norm of work in offices. The modern workplace has transitioned from a centralized physical office setup to hybrid working models that entail ad hoc and remote access to workspaces across geographical environments and time zones.

Workforces no longer operate on the traditional 9-to-5 routine and a growing majority prefers to permanently opt for a flexible and seamless work setup. Thus, hybrid workspaces are our new reality. Enterprises now need to embrace ad hoc working hours and satellite workstations along with traditional office-based collaborations. This would be the best way forward to build disruption-proof work environments and create flexible user experiences. Such a transition also carries far-reaching consequences for enterprises looking to secure the right talent and provide them with the best opportunities for collective success.

The hybrid challenge

Remote working is here to stay. The on digital workplace trends indicates that employees, as well as enterprises, expect to have either permanent or part-time remote working options in the future. However, without a systemic change to remote and hybrid working, business and technical challenges are likely to impact every workplace aiming to adopt such models.

The pandemic-driven remote working phase explains why. When emergency measures were undertaken to ensure business continuity in the face of the global catastrophe, enterprise IT services were not designed to handle a collection of intermittent home network connections, shadow IT devices, and other impending fallouts sustained from the extreme changes in work design. While the lack of seamless delivery of the remote workspaces was understandable back then, everything that is even partially connected to the workplace’s end users needs to adapt to the emerging hybrid design now. Existing practices around device management, user connectivity and security, workforce interaction, well-being, and more, need to fall in place for a seamless experience in the new normal. The rise of the hybrid workplace demands enterprises to embrace agile, scalable, and future-ready infrastructures to help democratize intelligent and immersive workspaces for a user-centric experience that will be independent of the user’s location.

Elevating the workspace

Embracing the hybrid workplace model implies treating every user location as a branch location for the enterprise. It means empowering the user with a flexible, seamless experience that can match the quality of office work with the convenience of remote work. This is where virtual workspaces and the hybrid workforce solutions by HCLTech and Citrix can deliver the needed experience – where people, process and technology simplify virtual collaboration, secure endpoints, and user data, integrate network and security, and cater to end users’ well-being.

All of this is delivered through a single interface with our workspace-as-a-service solution – HCLTech’s Fluid Workplace solution delivered through LibreSpace and powered by Citrix. HCLTech’s Fluid Workplace is a fully managed workspace virtualization solution that is fully equipped with Citrix’s network, security, and collaboration solutions, and is augmented with HCLTech’s homegrown automation, analytics, cognition-powered IPs to induce an environment capable of providing a seamless experience for both employees and IT.

Transitioning to hybrid workspaces should not negatively impact user experience. Hence, our virtual workspaces are designed with built-in intelligence to enhance user engagement, well-being, and productivity as well as deliver hyper-personalized end-user experiences.

Final word

The future of work is bringing all the requirements of users onto a device-agnostic virtual platform that can help them meaningfully engage with their team, optimize their work, ensure the security of the data, and more, without being restricted by the user’s location. Virtual workspaces are set to be the game-changing transformation initiative modern enterprises are looking at thriving in the new normal. The future is fluid and hybrid, and the key to success lies in embracing the virtual space, as well as revamping the physical space for a coherent enterprise narrative.

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