Mosaic - License analyzer and predictability tool for RISE with SAP | HCLTech

Cloud adoption, made easier

HCLTech’s Mosaic demystifies licensing needs for customers embarking on a RISE with SAP journey. 

Mosaic is a cloud-based solution that serves as a single platform for all information on SAP license usage, conversion, and re-classification to optimize license shelfware. It also automatically translates perpetual licenses into RISE Full Usage Equivalent (FUE) – so you can project your total cost of ownership under RISE.

By evaluating current licenses and system consumption (apps and infrastructure), Mosaic provides the data you need to optimize licenses – and costs. 

Key benefits:

  • Supervision: Understand and optimize the current system consumption to adjust the license spend
  • Cost savings: Balance software spending with usage patterns, reduce waste, and optimize licensing
  • Future readiness: Avoid penalties and ensure compliance

Download this solution brief to learn more about Mosaic’s features and benefits.