HCL’s Rapid Analytics | HCLTech

Existing data warehouses and reporting databases often lack the agility to model new visualizations quickly. Using our hybrid agile delivery model, we can deliver a fully tested and integrated solution in just 6 to 8 weeks. Created as a tactical answer to help businesses quickly model new scenarios, this solution can later be scaled enterprise-wide to support more advanced functionality.

HCLTech’s Rapid Analytics, powered by SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), allows users to quickly create new visualizations through self-service functionality—letting them model new scenarios on the fly while avoiding stringent change management procedures.

Unlike many existing BW and reporting solutions, HCLTech’s solution does not rely on a fixed set of templates for reporting. Instead, it pulls data securely from multiple data sources—including on-premise, new, and external sources—allowing the creation of a set of flexible templates for reporting.

Our solution delivers:

  • Self-service reporting—users can model and visualize data, as and when needed
  • Improved operational decision-making—based on a more holistic understanding of available data
  • Personalized, enterprise-wide analytics—high-speed analytics to support diverse users’ strategic, operational, and tactical decision-making
  • Robust data security and governance—works with data from a wide range of sources, including the ability to import data into the SAP Cloud via a secure live import connection, or connection to on-premise data sources.

Download this brochure to learn more about HCLTech rapid analytics.