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HCLTech’s Scale Digital Delivery Center has been set-up with a vision to help enterprises create multi disciplinary teams (UX, Modern full stack technologies, AI, Big data, AR/VR) to work together across geographies on digital transformation programs in scale & distributed agile delivery models. It helps organizations ideate, define, design and develop strategies, personas, technologies and platforms to seamlessly scale digital.

At the center, experience the cutting edge in design, and its seamless integration with innovative technologies—ushering in a collaborative space that invokes a flow of creative juices. A perfect blend of technological savvy and functional implements of Silicon Valley, married to the contemporar y minimalism of Scandinavian esthetics.

Discover how stretching the digital fabric across your organization can bring forth hidden potential hitherto unknown.


User Centric Experience

Our approach

Our proprietary framework, Nexus, is a practical and systematic way to deliver an experience that is integrated and keeps the user at the center of all design, content and technology decisions. It is at the Nexus of these tenants where we create truly compelling end-to-end user experiences across digital touchpoints and solutions.

The benefits of the framework are in its iterative nature, incorporating user needs and the collaborative participation between technical, customer, business and creative representatives. Throughout the cycle, we continuously measure outcomes to improve and grow the results for the business and for the users.

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