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IMRO- Business Transformation Reimagined


Today, most firms require a smart and highly differentiated maintenance management software solutions portfolio. HCLTech is drawing on 14 years’ experience with SAP at over 100 customer sites covering aviation, aerospace and complex asset management and maintenance organizations. The maintenance management software could have a massive impact on a firms’ asset base, all-round visibility and operational effectiveness.

iMRO® is SAP and HCLTech’s industry solution add-on for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul/Operations (MRO). An SAP complementary software product, iMRO extends SAP ERP MRO for any company maintaining a complex, expensive and regulated asset such as in transportation, hi-tech, energy or aerospace, enhancing asset utilization.

In fact, the composite monitoring and maintenance possibilities via iMRO, could have a significant impact on enterprise efficiency. A maintenance organization can now stand to offer a robust competitive edge, shaped on the foundations of responsive, intelligent and state-of-the-art technology.

How does iMRO improve maintenance processes?

  • Maintenance Engineering:
  • Asset Induction and Inspection:
  • Maintenance Work Execution:
  • Expediting, Sourcing and Exchange:
  • Aircraft Flight Schedule and Logbook:
  • Maintenance Demand Planning:
  • Project Planning:
  • Fleet Management Portal:
  • Vehicle Fleet Maintenance:
  • Mobile Enterprise Asset Management:

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