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Careers in Poland

HCLTech: Strong, Global Presence

Our business spans many countries and industries, including half the Fortune 500 and 650 of the Global 2000. We’re proud to have been recognized for our culture and diversity. Bloomberg included HCLTech in the Gender Equality Index, and Forbes named us one of the World’s Best Employers in 2020.











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Our Priorities in HCLTech Poland

Poland has become a leading tech market in Europe, as foreign investments and EU funding bolster the country’s IT sector with upgraded infrastructure and systems. HCLTech recognized the region’s potential and established a global delivery center in Krakow in 2007. Now we work with Fortune 500 firms from there, providing technical support in over 25 languages.

Three things differentiate life at all HCLTech locations:

  • Bottoms-up “ideapreneurship”
  • Co-innovation
  • Going beyond expectations

These priorities also make locations like HCLTech Poland fun and professional places to work. At least that’s what the team says in this video. Sound like your kind of place?


Active Pursuit of Diversity and Inclusion

Our presence in Poland has seen healthy growth from just a few employees to a culturally diverse workforce of 70+ nationalities. Through our Diversity and Inclusion strategy, HCLTech cultivates an environment that’s safe, positive and nurturing for all these unique perspectives.

We embrace the four pillars of Diversity and Inclusion:

  • Gender
  • Culture
  • Disability

Learn more about HCLTech Diversity and Inclusion.

**HCLTech is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer and we’re committed to a culture of Inclusion and Diversity. At HCLTech, we do not discriminate nor tolerate any discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, colour, age, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, physical ability or any other characteristics. All employment decisions, from hiring to separation, will be based on business requirements, candidate merit and qualification, and compliance with local law.

Unique Culture of “Ideapreneurship”

In our unique “ideapreneurship'' culture, teams and customers collaborate to seed, nurture and harvest ideas. We focus on the “value zone” in every relationship, and come ready and motivated to understand challenges and drive results. Along with the freedom to explore, grow and experiment, an HCLTech career comes training, on-the-job coaching and competitive benefits.

With HCLTech Poland, you can expect:

Global career growth

Focus on employee and community

Cross domain skilling and job mobility

Transparent, structured rewards program

Focus on employee and community welfare

Cross-domain job skilling and mobility

Transparent and structured rewards process

Flexibility for work-life balance

Flexibility that encourages work-life balance

Global career growth

Corporate Social Responsibility Matters

Although HCLTech ranks as a global technology leader, we embrace the communities where we live and work. We build lasting relationships in tune with local concerns and desires. Through our work with Europe’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Council, 200+ HCLTech volunteers address local CSR issues and support non-governmental organizations.

Corporate Social Responsibility at HCLTech Poland

  • Blood donation days
  • Fruit deliveries to hospitals
  • Food collection drives
  • Climate change initiatives
  • Poland Business Run participation

Current openings


Current openings in Poland

Job Title Post date Location Experience
Senior specialist Mar 14, 2023 Wroclaw 2.5-5 Years
Specialist Jan 23, 2023 Poland 2.5-5 Years
Associate consultant Jan 23, 2023 Wroclaw 7-12 Years

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