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#RiseatHCLTech #HCLTechReturnship #JoinHCLTech

About Us

HCLTech has been a leading employer and a technology partner of choice in New Zealand since 1999. HCLTech delivers integrated technology services to New Zealand’s leading companies, and has offices located in Auckland, Hamilton, and Wellington.

HCLTech is a next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age. Our technology products and services are built on four decades of innovation, with a world-renowned management philosophy, a strong culture of invention and risk-taking, and a relentless focus on customer relationships. HCLTech takes pride in our diversity, social responsibility, sustainability, and education initiatives. Through our worldwide network of R&D facilities and co-innovation labs, global delivery capabilities, and over 221,000+ ‘Ideapreneurs’ across 60 countries, HCLTech delivers end-to-end holistic services across industry verticals to leading enterprises, including 250 of the Fortune 500 companies and 650 of the Global 2000 companies.

Our company’s DNA of grassroots innovation, our ingrained culture of co-innovation, and our tradition of going far beyond what is expected to create customer value, clearly differentiate us from competitors and gives us a distinct advantage in creating value for businesses in the digital and connected world.

We are growing fast, and we want more people with a passion for technology to join us! We’d love for more New Zealand ideapreneurs to join our teams!

What Does HCLTech Do?

Our digital transformation ideapreneurs help enterprise businesses and government organisations to:

Global exposure
Improve their tech.
Improve their tech.

We work across all technology domains like Application and Infrastructure Services, Engineering, Research & Development, and Digital Processes for Operations.

Technology innovation
Add tech intelligence.
Add tech intelligence.

We work on cutting edge technologies like Data Analytics, Internet-of-Things, Cloud, Cybersecurity, IT Governance, Risk & Compliance, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

Comprehensive benefits
Dream big.
Dream big.

We build and reimagine existing technology products and platforms.

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Operating in 60





Why Join HCLTech?

Learn with purpose

Learning can get you where you want to go. You can come back from a career break, add new skills to your resume, or upskill the skills you have already.

Progress your career

Whether you’re upskilling or starting afresh, you’re setting yourself up to be a prime candidate for some top job opportunities and accelerate your career forward!

Enjoy a flexible workplace

A willingness and ability to adapt to change – how, when and where work gets done, respects your needs and the needs of HCLTech and HCLTech’s clients.

Celebrate diversity

With our presence in many countries, and our large global workforce of ideapreneurs representing numerous nationalities, we celebrate diversity every day.

Be part of our global family

We know we’re better together. We encourage our ideapreneurs to collaborate, take smart risks, experiment, and lead their ideas to execution in an inclusive and innovative environment.

Rise at HCLTech!

The Rise at HCLTech programme is a gateway to start and fast track your technology career. The programme is focused on providing opportunities for Māori and/or Pacific, women, and others looking to reskill and upskill.

Entry to the programme starts with a conversation to assess your desire and fit based on the eligibility criteria.

Upon successful completion of both foundation skilling and an internship, you are offered full time employment with HCLTech New Zealand.

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Programme Highlights

Step Up to a New Challenge!
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Phase 1: Foundation Skilling
  • Three-months free online skilling
  • Virtual instructor-led classes and self-paced sessions
  • Modules include IT Essentials, Ethics and Business Communications
  • Receive the HCLTech badge after successfully completing Phase 1


Phase 2: Stream-Specific Skilling and Internship
  • Nine-month internship including stream-specific training
  • Part-time paid internship
  • Job-ready
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Are You Eligible?

  • New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Completed secondary school – the equivalent of NCEA Level 2
Any of the following:
  • Māori and/or Pacific
  • Women
  • Mature age upskillers & reskillers
  • Migrant
  • Disabled
  • Refugee

Application Process

  • Complete registration
  • Complete assessment challenge
  • Video conversation
  • Offer/acceptance
  • Onboarding and orientation
  • Start the programme and your career

HCLTech in New Zealand

In New Zealand, HCLTech works with a variety of organisations: large banks, government organisations, a leading dairy product producer and others. Our New Zealand team delivers integrated services that return clear, focused and quantifiable value.

Our outcome-oriented culture, founded on the ideals of trust and transparency, has empowered HCLTech ideapreneurs to deliver far more than customers expect.

HCLTech has offices in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington.

For queries, email to:

Hamilton office
HCLTech, Hamilton, New Zealand

Our Offices

HCL (New Zealand) Ltd.

Suite #1, Level 12,

48 Emily Place,

Auckland 1010,

New Zealand

HCL (New Zealand) Ltd.

Level 2, 660 Victoria Street,

Hamilton Central,

Hamilton 3204,

New Zealand

HCL (New Zealand) Ltd.

Suite no 1618,

Level 16, Vodafone on the Quay,

157 Lambton Quay, Wellington,

New Zealand

DWS (New Zealand) Limited.

Suite no 1618,

Level 16, Vodafone on the Quay,

157 Lambton Quay, Wellington,

New Zealand