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Modernization of legacy interfaces for a global logistics company

HCLTech enabled migration from existing legacy platform to Boomi integration platform.
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5 min read

A leading industry player faced a pivotal challenge — migrating legacy interfaces, primarily written in custom Python and Shell Scripts, to a modernized cloud platform. They sought a to undertake this intricate task, and HCLTech emerged as the partner of choice. HCLTech seamlessly transitioned the client's legacy interfaces to a more robust and efficient cloud-based solution.

The Challenge

Legacy interface migration and modernization

The client grappled with legacy interfaces scripted in Python and Shell, posing operational challenges and hindering scalability. The key challenge was to migrate these interfaces to a contemporary cloud platform while ensuring optimal performance and adherence to industry standards.


The Objective

Efficient integration competency setup

The primary objective was establishing a foundation for building integrations on a modern platform. HCLTech initiated the process by developing an Integration Competency Setup, defining standard templates, processes, folder structures and naming conventions. The overarching goal was to streamline the migration process and enhance the overall efficiency of integration operations.

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The Solution

Strategic migration and comprehensive analysis

Guided by a meticulous strategy, HCLTech ensured a seamless transition for our client's legacy interfaces:

  • Established a robust foundation with standardized templates and processes
  • Conducted a detailed assessment of legacy interfaces to inform migration decisions
  • Applied a disciplined approach aligned with target design and mapping specifications
  • Tailored each service component for the new application solution
  • Introduced automation through DevOps tooling, reducing deployment time significantly
  • Integrated Electronic Data Interchange and XML maps for diverse transaction sets

The Impact

Operational efficiency and enhanced platform

The outcomes of HCLTech's intervention were transformative, leading to:

  • Enhanced and optimized platform operating seamlessly with the newly implemented tech stack.
  • Higher efficacy of automated operations compared to manual processes
  • Faster development times at lower costs

HCLTech's strategic approach to Integration Competency Setup, thorough legacy interface analysis and the implementation of modern integration methodologies not only addressed the client's immediate challenges but also paved the way for sustained operational efficiency and scalability in the dynamic logistics industry.